Friday, November 20, 2009


(Inspired by Eminem)
-Sahil K
What da hell do we want in life?
Struggle? Turf? Power? Wealth or pride?

Do we need power inducing pelf?
Causing disturbances and confusing ourselves!

Confused and driven to da point frm where theres no turning bak!
When feelings go immaterial All da strangle things are “dope” n “whack”!

Is dis what life denotes? Is dis wat our existence means?
Though this world is complacent, the fire in my heart weans!

We are so bloody fascinated abt what is cool!
Looks like we are all like minded fools!

Many say “I AM WHO I AM”, “BE URSELF” and other great things
To all dis, Who da hell is really following??

People think saying da word Fuck a 100 times makes them cool!
God bless ‘em, they’re ill, they are da biggest swearing fools!

Masks, fake smiles and tailor made attitudes for da occasion!
Anything to pretend cool, to quench that yearning sensation!

I tell u, it ain’t abt really showing that u’re cool or not
Its abt losing urself, giving it al u’ve got in 1 single shot!

It ain’t abt da gizmos, da ipods, da Xboxes or da play stations,
Its abt bringing to da fore, ur ideas and imagination!

It ain’t abt da lingo, speech or swears
It’s all abt u and how u care!

It ain’t abt da pubs, girls, bikes or cars!
Its abt overcoming ur inner demons and scars

Many may hate me or criticize what I say!
But they all know it’s true all da way

When will da world grow out of such obsessions?
I check my answer in my deepest of imaginations!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Traffic of Hyd..a detailed study..

Where do I start? There are ppl breaking rules everywhere…there are ppl breaking cars and bikes too…Some things I have observed for long, got frustrated with but don’t know how to get it out..So this is my small way of teling every1..Afterall, small beginnings lead to bigger things.. So here goes..

First of all ppl in Hyd lack a basic traffic sense, that is a perfect dampener for such a magnificent city(most aspects apart from traffic).Hyd traffic has been da worse in all da cities I have seen!(now don’t comment, this city;’s taffic is bad, Im talking abt myself).Ppl either don’t care abt their lives or abt the other’s, eitherways u r a jerk, a mindless freak if that is ur line of thinking!! People go from whichever way is convenient to them! Some bikers get on pedestals and expect u to move and give them way and swear wen u ask them where dey are going! Seriously, there are some demarcations on the road indicating signals and basic rules and regulations bt that board is either greeted wid pan-spits or it is uprooted or it is in such magnificent conditions where nothing can actually be read to say the least. And even if it was dere, there wud be very few ppl actually looking(forget abt reading) at it!

Bulls run wen dey see red but people in Hyd aren’t bulls then why do they speed up instead of slowing down wen da red-light flashes? Like they are in some kind of a race. Why can’t ppl slow down? it wud just take anoder minute or so but no, they have to go first, now da oder person watches this and tries to do the same! Blv me bad traffic starts wid da effort of just 1 idiotic individual just like 1 dirty fish dirties da whole pond!

Secondly, people act as if the road has been gifted to them by their father-in-laws or fathers maybe as the popular quotation goes “Saale tere baap ki road hai??”.. What do u say or reply to such a thing. Ppl make a mess of situations, small disputes turn into mindless tussles wid two adults trying to fight it out on the road..Leaving all levels of descency behind..(U expect more descency from adults, afterall what an awesome examples dey r setting for ur kids), No matter whose fault it is, no1 gives in or agrees!! After all “Unke baap ki road jo hai”..

Buses are the kings of the roads..They will go wherever dey like, they will dash whoever they want! They will go wherever dey like and they will never follow rules! They determine how u go, not u alone!

Next comes going wrong way, this is da funniest and da most irritating, u are fighting ur way in the traffic, u r tryn to juggle between cars in inch to inch traffic and u see da perfect sight, a biker ,auto fellow or car(even saw a bus once, gosh) coming wrong way.. and taking all ur space so that u land up in a messy situation wid ppl cursing u than da lovely intruder ! Once an auto-fellow around da charminar area raised his hand and indicated us to move wen he was coming wrong way and guess what, he goes by and swears at u..And u just feel like beating da crap out of him! There is no lane system at all, people go in whichever lane is empty, and that leads to so many accidents..

So how do we stop this or if not stop, control it? Made me think a lot!!!

I come up wid dis, any kind of change starts wid da individual, u start following rules! Don’t allow any kind of corruption in da RT offices(though it seems impossible, u can get ur LLR and License widout even driving, just give dem 300-500 bucks and there u are wid a license for free..this encourages village ppl to get into towns and drive wid no traffic sense at all)! Make da traffic system more efficient, impose heavy fines on violators of rules. Once they have paid a hefty fine, they wud think twice b4 doing the same mistake. Encourage lane system like in Mumbai(blv me its awesome to see da traffic in Mumbai).. Try to spread the message! Make ppl know that it is der duty to follow rules while driving on a road!! Many things to say but ppl will even hardly read wat Im writing here! Time has come wen we stop saying “God, wen wil traffic improve or wen ppl wil get some sense” and start acting..Afterall actions speak louder than words! Don’t they??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Sitiing in my room, one day I was wondering what it was like living in Kashmir, what was the lifestyle of people there, how they lived in the cold valleys, what they ate, how they celebrated, how they socialised? This was when I was very small, so I asked my mother about it, she gave me detailed stories of their illustrative and glorious past. The way they enjoyed the lush green valleys, the wide playgrounds, the snow clad mountains was mesmerising. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories.I longed for living in such a place, away from the hustle of the city life. Life was peaceful there, everyone looked out for each other, festivities were celebrated with great splendour. All these were enough to generate curiosity and make me explore the topic even more. I have since then heard real funny, touchy, and sometimes exaggerated descriptions of incidents that took place in the valley of Kashmir from all my relatives, the smile on their face and the spark in their eyes are proof enough of how much they love and miss their homeland,(my homeland too).

But that is all that is eventually left in their memories. It's been a long time since the day of migration way back in 1990, I wasn't even born then. There have been many videos that I have seen of the attrocities committed on Kashmiri pandits, the merciless killings, the ruthless torture, the feeling of insecurity and emergency in one's own home, the way people were treated, living in constant fear of death, I somehow recall an incident when my mom was in Kashmir, Muslims had attacked their home and a Muslim friend of my mom's had saved them from the mob. They had to later migrate, they had no other choice, just like most of the KP families. Life since then has been very different.

Soon after migration, families migrated to Jammu, many to Delhi and other parts, life had a total turnaround, many families consisting of a lot of people were forced to live in 1 house. My family had migrated to their summer home in Delhi, the only possesion left, leaving behind their homeland. Life was tough initially as finding a decent job and earning was the first priority. But people soon picked up and got used to the lifestyle and became an integrated part of the community wherever they resided.
But meeting old pals of Kashmir and their nears and dears of the Kashmiri Biradari was always cherished which is what gave birth to the Kashmiri Organisations which gained momentum in order to protect our sacred culture. But a lot has changed from the days of the yore. Many Kashmiris today still live an isolated life, carrying the scars of the past and not willing to socialise openly. Secondly Kashmiri kids(includes me) are inferiors to our own language. My mom made an initiative to talk in Kashmiri at home but the impulse is always momentary and dies down with lack of fizz, but I somehow manage to speak to my elders now in sort of free flowing Kashmiri thanks to my mom. But if this negligent attitude continues, how will the language flourish?? How will the culture develop?? These issues seriously need to be looked after. Other than that efforts should be made to encourage Kashmiri learning. Apart from that many Kashmiris have still not completely settled and come to terms with reality. Thats a major setback. All these are issues just issues brimming the surface. But the deepest regret is that since that dreaded day we have not been able to return to our beloved valleys.

So meeting our Kashmiri folks from time to time, taking some time out for the gatherings like NAVREH*, DIWALI, HERATH*, SHIVRATRI(*-kashmiri festivals), etc should be encouraged. So that at least we don't feel alone and left out. But the turbulence right now in J&K is more than ever. Will there ever be peace? Will we ever return to our homeland?? The question still prevails!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip to Warangal-da story of da DD

First trip widout parents!!! :)

My AIEEE counselling was as dismal as ever..So der was no point sticking around for another session waiting for da draft to come home..SO me and my friend Srikanth(A great frnd,, n a greater genious) set out for Warangal(NIT) to get our DD's aventure for us widout parents!![Warangal is 150 odd kms from my home..precisely..saw on google earth..hehe].. I was happy I was wid Kanta(his nickname), this guy has gud knowldg abt travelling n all..Kanta had done da reservation for a train.. so we set out in da mrng.. intercity express from sec'bd station
we actually had a gud time chatting n very soon we were at Kazipet station..I just realised dat I was missing something..Oh mom wasnt shouting at me...We were without our parents so der was an extra sense of freedom!! We came out of da station n tuk an auto to NIT-WARANGAL.. we reached, went to da NIT authorities which made us wait a gud 2 hours before dey just tuk our forms for cancellation of our candidature..They said 1 more hour n we would get our DD back..Damn them weirdos(though I used better words dere..not my fault I was angry!)
We were both very hungry..Kanta dint have breakfast n I had just a sandwich n some juice..We set out to find a restaurant..On da way we had AMUL ice-cream, an ice-cream shop in da NIT campus,probably da only saving grace there..We then went to NIT-CANTEEN..da board was so promised some goodies but inside was dismal!! Same old Andhra meals..Kanta refused immidiately..I was practically ready for anythng..We walked all da way outside da campus n we went inside a restaurant(name I dont remmbr, we ain't even advertising here)..We had too much the time we wer finishd both of us wer luking at each other n laughing..I gave Kanta competition for food(man this was an achievmnt considering how much Kanta eats).. As we finished we set out to NIT back(was a very long walk, heavy lunch, da soaring sun but even then a lot of fun) n somehow after 5 hours since we had come to Warangal..we got what we came for..da 24000 DD, lovely!! We wer richer by 24k rs or at least we felt so..okay we wr heading back for hyd.da best part is abt to begin! Hold ur breath we go!
We barely reached da station in time(2.45 pm) just to take da general tickets(bus wud take 3 n a half hours.. n train jus 2hrs or at least we thought so)..We ran towards da platform as if we missed dis train we wud have had to wait for an hour..uncalled for..we boarded Howrah express or sm train(dnt wanna recall also)..We had to go to da general compartments so we ascnded what lukd like da most unusual compartment I had ever seen..There wer at least 7-8 ppl occupyin each space was wasted..ppl sat wherevr dey wanted,,they slept wherevr they likd(oh ya remmbr dis guy-slept on da rails whr all da luggages wer supposed to be kept but this was general so expect no less)..we had barely enof place to stand..we somehow da compartment wer very poor ppl..some widout shirts(it was hot,dont blame dem)..No1 behaved decently..no1 in da compartment expectd each oder to..Walking just 1 mtr was a draining task, u hit almost every1 on da way..It was smelly to say da least..I lukd at Kanta, Kanta lukd at me..we both wer helpless,, we had to spend 2 hours dere, n ya by nw I was pukish n puking here wud be hell..dere was no space to even puke..n no space to even run to da "remains of a wash-basin"..So I held....had Kanta for company so I survived..alone wud be hellish!!We kept luking at our watches but time had frozen still but somehow after 2 long harrowing hours we expected to reach Sec'bd station but where in da heck was it?? Some1 said we wud reach at 6 or 7..Damn hell..that was like 1 or 2 hours more in dis lovely Howrah express..We thgt he was kidding but he wasnt!! We waited n waited n agn waited..Somehow at arnd 6 we finally reached station where from we set out for our homes..Da trip actually prepared me for da worst..I thank Mr. Srikanth(kanta) for fully supporting me during da journey..without whom this journey wud not be possible... n my mommy daddy for allowing me..SAHIL's DAY OUT!!!

WEll these r da memories dat u luk at now n smile..This is 1 memory dat I'll remmbr for da rest of my life!! Luv u Kanta buddy!! take care!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


To all my friends. There were times wen we njoyd da summer sun together, da monsoon rain, da days of fun n frolic. Those days were memorable, there was no1 stopping us,

we had da things to our liking..We used to hangout together, all dose fights n all dose fun times.. Those times will never come back..I will gv u an example..I studied in FIITJEE Junior college, Saifabad..One day after all my entrance exams, I just payed FIITJEE a visit, I startd wid Prime bakers(a bakery), I remmbrd da havoc we usd to create in da shop n da shopkeeper telling us to quiten down..Da samosa shop right beside it..whr I had fights for Samosas, All of us njoyd da samosas so avidly, As I entered da complex..da footsteps wer deserted..Dese usd to be a place we occupied all da time! Da staircase came n I remmbrd da sweet memories associated with it..It was a hub of wordly discussions..evryhng right frm Political issues to cricket matches wer reviewd here! I moved up..went to my class..I felt strictly nostalgic..These classes wer 1ce occupied by us..da classes we had, da discussions in da classes, da games we used to play..I went n sat dwn to da place I 1ce occupied..dere was no1 in da class..I felt a heavy heart..I was dearly missin every1! I just walked back realizing what I had just lost..but den I was elated by da fact dat even if I had lost dis moment..I had gained lovely memories…The time has come for most of us to entr college..all of us will take our own separate ways..We may meet or may not meet..dat is upto our destiny n our fate! Will miss u all a lot!! Dedicated to all my pals who made my life so wonderful..THANKYOU GUYS!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New York-Da Movie

Im not giving in a movie review here..I just wanna share what I though abt da movie..many of my frndz told me da movie was crap, it was damn boring, it was cheap..In a way I dont agree to what dey said..Me being this analytical kind..there wasnt a chance I wudnt like such a movie..There was an underlying msg within..I was aware of da American torture on Muslims after da 9/11 but less did I was of dis magnitude..It was really hellish..n it was really saddening dat ppl on account of dere religion were being taken in account as suspect terrorists..But as was potrayed in da movie..Da Americans have dis superiority complex, n da nick of twisting da law n hitting it back at you..Less can a person do anything wen da laws of a country is all guns out against his faith, his religion..n 1 more fact dat USA hasn't bcum one of da premier country just by achievments of its great leaders..a lot more has gone into it..killings in Iraq, racist attacks on Asians, etc are proof enof but as it has gone, it will keep going..Anyways da movie was invoking and thought provoking..n good job by all da actors in potraying good characters!!..Good job guys!!

Music-language of life!

After speakin abt stuff like colleges, IIT, individual..why not talk abt MUSIC??

Who dosent likes music?? Almost ever1 does!! Music is da ever so wonderful language of life n love! I love music, I listen to it at da most vague of moments n before da exam to calm myself down..but I play it so loud dat da stuck in my mind throughout da exam..had a harrowing experience once! While studying, sometimes I remmbr da stuff I had learnt while a particular part of da song was playing so it kinda bcums easy to recall. While playing a song Im unmindful of what is going on n have to be givn special orders to shut da music, also after an exam( I remmbr wen I used to be drained of all my brain after an AITS exam,, AITS-All India Test series for all dose who dont know), I used to play metal, full volume, earphones..n used to go back to bed wid an unimaginable n unbearable headache!..But dats me..weird in my own ways!

I remmbr 1 such incident which I wud like to share n probably will not forget for da rest of my life..IIT exam day..I dint wanna risk playing music n den spoling my exam yet I was very well aware that if I dint I wud be restless n wud start to panic..I just listend to 1 song..Akon-Beautiful..Da lyrics are amazing n I particularly like da rap...I had da song in mind all da time,,But what I encountered in da exam was far from beautiful..I felt as if I had forgotten all my concepts..n da only thing dat went in my mind was "You're so beautiful, so damn beautiful", I kinda laughed at my misery...the results were obvious..nothing to discuss or disclose..But I dont blame da song..Its BEAUTIFUL!!...n even Music is BEAUTIFUL...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trait Or College??

A friend of mine once asked me..DO I go for IIT if I get Architechture or Mettalurgy engg. or even something like Mining engineern?? I pondered over da question n came up wid a reasonable explnatn...As him..many of us are mighty confused whether to go for da college or da strem/trait of ur choice..Let me give u an example..Lets suppose da frnd I mentioned above joins IIT,..Hez happy wid da tag hez getting..but can he sustain da interest for 4 years..N den work all his life in da field he chose(considering it dosent fit to his liking)..As a matter of fact,hez not happy wid what he is doing n dats total crap of a life if u take my word..Eventually if u think dat u shud go for a very gud institution just for da fact that U'll make big money..its sublime nonsense..U wil get a gud job even if u work in any oder college..It all depends upon ur luck n hard work afterall..N da gud thing abt choosing da stream of ur choice is dat first of all U will be happy wid what u r doing..ur interest wil be sustained, n a very imp fact is dat u wil be able to maintain a gud gpa(provided dat u stick ur head into buks n not roam around like a hooligan all da time)..n even if u earn a decent amt(not considering dat U r Bill Gates) u wil be happy wid what u r doing..Eventually u will have ur chances in whichever field u r going..So in my opinion Go to a field dat will provide u maximum satisfaction., sustain ur interest n provide u happiness of life..U will suceed!!! ROCK ON!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My poems..

Ya..I , besides a writer, a blogger, am a poet too..I will soon be posting all my poems here so u can take a look at dem..Now I've found a gud spot!! So guys plz comment n tell me if u want n if u like them!!

I m posting 1, well many of u may have read it but agn I only have dis one ready n Im too lazy to type!!!
It was all in my hands,
I did and I do understand,
I had to write my fate,
I had to scintillate,
I was standing on da edge,
I dint wanna fall,
Never ever did I feel I had my back against da wall,
Things went wrong at a rapid pace,
I had to take it all on my face,
When I was supposed to be at da top of my game,
I let myself down with shame,
I cudnt meet eyes wid myself,
Times was up, I cudnt cry for help,
It was all blown leaving me in pain,
All my desires and ambitions went down da drain,
I felt as if I had already lost..But face defeat at what cost??
Losing was never an option in my mind,
It did strike and leave me behind,
But hope’s not lost yet, I count my options,
They r few but at least help my situation,
I feel like I’ll break down,But I am a fighter, hope is da spirit newfound,
Hope that alls not lost,
And in future, whatever I get. I’ll make da most……

Anoder 1

Living widout a reason, here I am,,
What am I doing?? dont gv a damn!!
Hurting myself at every step,
Cryin foul at unbelieveable depths
I've been used to ends no doubt
Why da hell do I think about
My life, the damn hell that it is,
Times are bad, ignorance sure is bliss,
Fuming at my frickin fate,
Hate this world, the feeling s innate!
But thats life buddy, thats da real deal
I aint writin da rules, so i got nthng to reveal,
But as always I carryon, I cant do nomore
Hope the defeats,the disgusts n da dissapointments is no more!!!
Hope the future has less to ake n more to give,
Hope the world turns to live n let live...Matter of fact-IT WONT!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long Term? Think again!!

2 years of hard work..6 hours of examination.. Not all the things go right in da examination hall..Do they?? So for all of u who have screwed their IIT just like I have. TAKE A LOOK-

Somewhere in your mind you wud think of repeating a year and thinking that next year I wud try to get a better rank. But If u go by the present trends, you wud sure be forced to think against it. If you are basically even thinking abt long term. be crystal clear about it, Dont let thoughts of getting into other colleges wander in your mind as it can be the premier off-setter. I wud advice you that if u have a decent option in hand, go for that because of the reason I will mention. Firstly, In any college, its ur gpa or ur percentage that matters, Even an IItian with a poor gpa of 5 or 6 fails to land up a job(Read five point some1), If u have a gud gpa(something like an 8 or 9) in any other decent college u wud get a top job, Secondly its only your B.Tech, its of primary importence, your PG is what really adds zing to your profile(I have known examples of ppl from very low profile colleges making it to IIMs n oder institutions n really making it big in life), so it really dosent matter as much as da importance given to it, Thirdly, Go for dropping an year only if u think u can really get an awesome(not decent,mind u awesome) rank next year, with da reservations taking almost 50% seats, n da cut throat competetion, its pressurising enof, n dropping an year comes with its own package of additional tension, u have to succeed no matter what as u know u r already 1 year behind,
Dis year I have seen my frndz not landing up in da top IITs wid even 2k n 3k ranks...Many of my frndz dint even get any course dey applied go for it if u think u can really make it..Apart from dat, its frustrating to do da samething once again...One more fact is that if in an year arnd 8k ppl go to IITs, where do da oder students go?? If there are 500 ppl in a company n 50 are from IITs, where are da oder 450 from? U have da answer right there..Its true that IIT has its own sheen n da tag is enof to get u kick-ass jobs..u can sure try again next year, the chances are all upto your hard work eventually...but then da other institutions aren't bad..So my advice if u have an alternate options, a gud 1 , go for dat n Strive hard for your goal..Its not the end of da road if u havent cracked IIT..We have just started our journey friends..its a long road..Gudluck!!!

NOTE: Do show dis to ur parents incase u need to convince dem. Im just an 18 year old, trying to speak my mind and ideas.Upto u if u like dem n follow!! :)

What is it dat we are doing?

Exams, work, tensions, pretensions, lifestyle, partying, hooking, Is dat what is left of our lives?
Most of the time we just go with the flow and fail to find a wothy reason to live n succeed.
We just carryon like robots, dishing out all the tasks what are asked of us, n what is expected of us, where do we falter IS DA QUESTION TO PONDER OVER!! Now lets suppose a person amazing at something say painting which may not be considered an appropriate means of living at least in a country like India( Unless he is Vinci that is, lets leave aside extremes). The person wants to make a name in dis field but because of his parents like in most other cases falls back due to their apprehensions abt the field. Ends up doing a normal job, but IS HE HAPPY??
Inevitably the answer is NO!! Similarly most of us aren't! Its basically the flawed system that leads to such a fallacy in the first place! Its high time something needs to be done cuz if nothing happens for a lot of time, this will be da case n which will ultimately lead to an unhappy individual, now if that individual isnt happy with himself how will he be happy be the world?? THINK GUYS!!