Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The delight at the wonderful moments she makes
And the sweet laughter in her unusual babbles

Her childish innocence sparkles in her smile
Her world is a haven of joy and surprises

She has no envy or feelings of dismay
There is the innocent rage though that takes control sometimes

She doesn't hate anybody, she loves all
Her heart is pure and free from hatred of any kind

Her favourite things are as simple as chocolates and toys
It wouldn't take someone much time to befriend her

She's a bundle of energy packed with emotions of all kind
She runs around the house shouting just about anything

Her stories may have no begginning and sometimes no end either
But it would be harsh not to listen to her broken recollections

She doesn't take things to the heart,
she may flare in rage a moment and love you the next

Her hugs are lovable and priceless
She wraps all her warm affection around you

She's sweet, lovely and needs affection
Yet sometimes she's rather neglected or forgotten

She's as essential and important as any soul can be
She's indeed a pretty little girl in this big wide world

 . . . .

I write this poem for a reason. To celebrate the women and the girl child she was once. The importance maybe lacking sometimes but deserves it more than anybody!! About time we thought about it! :)

Peace . . . .

Friday, May 6, 2011

Things Unspoken

Inspired from my friend Ronack and his blog post , I've decided to come up with things ppl might not know abt me.. So well, here goes..

1. I've lived in 3 cities of India, changed 5 schools in all, made like a million friends(still counting :P) ..
2. I dance well, I've won many dance competitions, well that was like a long time ago, I stopped dancing after 10th but still love it a lot..
3. I sing sometimes, and I feel I sing well(English only, not hindi).. I had this dream of being a lead vocalist for a rock band , or at least the lead guitarist( still a dream yet)
4. I love playing th guitar, I love everything abt the guitar but I haven't learnt it till date :P.. Still hope I'll perform on stage one fine day.
5. There are a few things I really love in life, dancing, football, eating good food, writing.. Take one away and I feel incomplete.
6. I'm into everything.. and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.. I feel I'm this one person who tries to do random things and I'm good at most.. I can write well(oh I suppose :P), I'm good at sports, I guess I play good football, I dance(Ron.. back me up here), I love speaking and motivating ppl, I play the guitar(mostly suck but do play it), I'm into music(like totally), I love travelling to new places, I'm a decent photographer, the list never ends.. there are a lot of things I do and I do them well..
7. I think a lot, like a hell lot.. I analyse everything that happens in my life, all incidents.. almost anything to everything and thus I spend most of my days contemplating how much better this world could be.
8. I respect women a lot, its something I've learnt and I cringe if I see someone around me who doesn't.. I have no respect for that cheap bastard(yenna rascala mind it :P)
9. Ppl say they understand themselves, I feel like a mystery to myself.. At times I surprise myself with things.. I'm still in the process of discovering myself.. That may take a while
10. I'm a nice person by heart, I'm genuine to ppl and I'm proud of it, I can go all out to help somebody, I expect niceness and understanding towards me and we're cool :)
11. I'm one of those ppl who're studying just for the heck of it, I hate studies, god knows where my life's headed.. Of late I've had this real aspiration to be a writer, but thats a job that needs no background so well why not be an Engineer and a writer( posh stuff)
12. I was an accident prone child, I've had horrible accidents, my face itself has 6 stitches, and many more on body, I've had burns, stings, sprains but thankfully never a fracture till now.. hopefully won't!
13. I'm kind of a loner, I can spend hours, maybe days and not talk to anyone and still be sane.. My biggest company is me myself..
14. I keep ppl at a distance from my feelings, u may know me as I am but u might not know wats inside.
15. I love all kinds of animals, but I'm scared of spiders, like really scared(hate them)..
16. I act like a happy soul, I can't see ppl around me being sad anytime so I try to cheer ppl up but I'm not happy with the way my life is in particular.. I have a dark side and I'm aware of its power and effects on me!
17. I'm a geminine and I behave like one, I'm unpredictable and I'm a different person with different ppl.. ppl might give 10 descriptions of me and none will match.. So let me clear it here, I'm serious, philosphical, a thinker, calm, composed, crazy, idiotic, foolish.. well all in one I suppose..
18. I'm a very cool minded person but I've lost it a couple of times and believe me when I say I'm dangerous in those circumstances.. I can kill :P
19. I don't sleep.. Or lets say I sleep too little, u might find me awake for as late as 4 sometimes.. when there's so much to do, Why waste time sleeping? :P
20. I always wanted to be an astronaut(blame Kalpana Chawla), later a doctor, then a wildlife photographer, then a rock musician, I wanted to do many things, eventually I'm doing Engineering.. shit happens!! We all know..

I guess I have enough points to bore anybody.. I'll add more as I think of it, the brain has just stopped now! God bless folks.. Peace out!