Wednesday, July 8, 2009


To all my friends. There were times wen we njoyd da summer sun together, da monsoon rain, da days of fun n frolic. Those days were memorable, there was no1 stopping us,

we had da things to our liking..We used to hangout together, all dose fights n all dose fun times.. Those times will never come back..I will gv u an example..I studied in FIITJEE Junior college, Saifabad..One day after all my entrance exams, I just payed FIITJEE a visit, I startd wid Prime bakers(a bakery), I remmbrd da havoc we usd to create in da shop n da shopkeeper telling us to quiten down..Da samosa shop right beside it..whr I had fights for Samosas, All of us njoyd da samosas so avidly, As I entered da complex..da footsteps wer deserted..Dese usd to be a place we occupied all da time! Da staircase came n I remmbrd da sweet memories associated with it..It was a hub of wordly discussions..evryhng right frm Political issues to cricket matches wer reviewd here! I moved up..went to my class..I felt strictly nostalgic..These classes wer 1ce occupied by us..da classes we had, da discussions in da classes, da games we used to play..I went n sat dwn to da place I 1ce occupied..dere was no1 in da class..I felt a heavy heart..I was dearly missin every1! I just walked back realizing what I had just lost..but den I was elated by da fact dat even if I had lost dis moment..I had gained lovely memories…The time has come for most of us to entr college..all of us will take our own separate ways..We may meet or may not meet..dat is upto our destiny n our fate! Will miss u all a lot!! Dedicated to all my pals who made my life so wonderful..THANKYOU GUYS!!