Saturday, October 3, 2009


Traffic of Hyd..a detailed study..

Where do I start? There are ppl breaking rules everywhere…there are ppl breaking cars and bikes too…Some things I have observed for long, got frustrated with but don’t know how to get it out..So this is my small way of teling every1..Afterall, small beginnings lead to bigger things.. So here goes..

First of all ppl in Hyd lack a basic traffic sense, that is a perfect dampener for such a magnificent city(most aspects apart from traffic).Hyd traffic has been da worse in all da cities I have seen!(now don’t comment, this city;’s taffic is bad, Im talking abt myself).Ppl either don’t care abt their lives or abt the other’s, eitherways u r a jerk, a mindless freak if that is ur line of thinking!! People go from whichever way is convenient to them! Some bikers get on pedestals and expect u to move and give them way and swear wen u ask them where dey are going! Seriously, there are some demarcations on the road indicating signals and basic rules and regulations bt that board is either greeted wid pan-spits or it is uprooted or it is in such magnificent conditions where nothing can actually be read to say the least. And even if it was dere, there wud be very few ppl actually looking(forget abt reading) at it!

Bulls run wen dey see red but people in Hyd aren’t bulls then why do they speed up instead of slowing down wen da red-light flashes? Like they are in some kind of a race. Why can’t ppl slow down? it wud just take anoder minute or so but no, they have to go first, now da oder person watches this and tries to do the same! Blv me bad traffic starts wid da effort of just 1 idiotic individual just like 1 dirty fish dirties da whole pond!

Secondly, people act as if the road has been gifted to them by their father-in-laws or fathers maybe as the popular quotation goes “Saale tere baap ki road hai??”.. What do u say or reply to such a thing. Ppl make a mess of situations, small disputes turn into mindless tussles wid two adults trying to fight it out on the road..Leaving all levels of descency behind..(U expect more descency from adults, afterall what an awesome examples dey r setting for ur kids), No matter whose fault it is, no1 gives in or agrees!! After all “Unke baap ki road jo hai”..

Buses are the kings of the roads..They will go wherever dey like, they will dash whoever they want! They will go wherever dey like and they will never follow rules! They determine how u go, not u alone!

Next comes going wrong way, this is da funniest and da most irritating, u are fighting ur way in the traffic, u r tryn to juggle between cars in inch to inch traffic and u see da perfect sight, a biker ,auto fellow or car(even saw a bus once, gosh) coming wrong way.. and taking all ur space so that u land up in a messy situation wid ppl cursing u than da lovely intruder ! Once an auto-fellow around da charminar area raised his hand and indicated us to move wen he was coming wrong way and guess what, he goes by and swears at u..And u just feel like beating da crap out of him! There is no lane system at all, people go in whichever lane is empty, and that leads to so many accidents..

So how do we stop this or if not stop, control it? Made me think a lot!!!

I come up wid dis, any kind of change starts wid da individual, u start following rules! Don’t allow any kind of corruption in da RT offices(though it seems impossible, u can get ur LLR and License widout even driving, just give dem 300-500 bucks and there u are wid a license for free..this encourages village ppl to get into towns and drive wid no traffic sense at all)! Make da traffic system more efficient, impose heavy fines on violators of rules. Once they have paid a hefty fine, they wud think twice b4 doing the same mistake. Encourage lane system like in Mumbai(blv me its awesome to see da traffic in Mumbai).. Try to spread the message! Make ppl know that it is der duty to follow rules while driving on a road!! Many things to say but ppl will even hardly read wat Im writing here! Time has come wen we stop saying “God, wen wil traffic improve or wen ppl wil get some sense” and start acting..Afterall actions speak louder than words! Don’t they??


PPD said...

first blog of urs i read...amazing..keep going..Like to quote somethin in this context..Once a Swedish visitor came to visit my uncle, first time in India(Chennai), while comin home in the taxi, he asked a question "Which side of the road do you drive in India..right or left?", my uncle replied "No..we actually drive wherever there's space!!!"..that sums it up..agree with you man change starts from ME...

Sahil K said...

lol..PPD thats really true..Thanks for the praise mate..good cmng from u!!! :)