Monday, June 29, 2009

My poems..

Ya..I , besides a writer, a blogger, am a poet too..I will soon be posting all my poems here so u can take a look at dem..Now I've found a gud spot!! So guys plz comment n tell me if u want n if u like them!!

I m posting 1, well many of u may have read it but agn I only have dis one ready n Im too lazy to type!!!
It was all in my hands,
I did and I do understand,
I had to write my fate,
I had to scintillate,
I was standing on da edge,
I dint wanna fall,
Never ever did I feel I had my back against da wall,
Things went wrong at a rapid pace,
I had to take it all on my face,
When I was supposed to be at da top of my game,
I let myself down with shame,
I cudnt meet eyes wid myself,
Times was up, I cudnt cry for help,
It was all blown leaving me in pain,
All my desires and ambitions went down da drain,
I felt as if I had already lost..But face defeat at what cost??
Losing was never an option in my mind,
It did strike and leave me behind,
But hope’s not lost yet, I count my options,
They r few but at least help my situation,
I feel like I’ll break down,But I am a fighter, hope is da spirit newfound,
Hope that alls not lost,
And in future, whatever I get. I’ll make da most……

Anoder 1

Living widout a reason, here I am,,
What am I doing?? dont gv a damn!!
Hurting myself at every step,
Cryin foul at unbelieveable depths
I've been used to ends no doubt
Why da hell do I think about
My life, the damn hell that it is,
Times are bad, ignorance sure is bliss,
Fuming at my frickin fate,
Hate this world, the feeling s innate!
But thats life buddy, thats da real deal
I aint writin da rules, so i got nthng to reveal,
But as always I carryon, I cant do nomore
Hope the defeats,the disgusts n da dissapointments is no more!!!
Hope the future has less to ake n more to give,
Hope the world turns to live n let live...Matter of fact-IT WONT!!!!


pooja aysola said...

hey i never knew u even write poems....neways after reading this i feel u have got a gr8 potential n gr8 going sahil!!

Sahil K said...

Thanx a lot Pooja!

shravya said...

kudos to the multi-faceted SAHIL!!!

Sahil K said...

:) Thanks Shravya!!