Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is a guest post by my very worthy friend Niharika Jain. I really liked this poem and the msg behind it. Hope u like it too! :)

Since the day I came to this place,
Away from my people, away from my place,

I discover a new me everyday,
I have expanded my dimensions and taken a new way.

Taking chances, trying new things,
I want to know how far will I be taken by my wings.

I know later I may reget it,
I know there is an ugly side to it.

My mind keeps warning me,
There is a turmoil going on inside me.

But I want to know how it feels to be free,
To touch the heights of the sky and drown into the depth of the sea,

To let go of everything and break free,
To forget all my fears and jump into the dark sea.

They say life is all about having fun,
Then why do we have responsibilities on our shoulders, which weigh a ton?

But I think I will make the right choice anyhow,
I will find my way out somehow.

In the end, I will be fine,
I will overcome this darkness and my world will shine.

- Niharika

Friday, December 3, 2010


From my childhood, I wondered what it was like being tall,
I set up a mark to measure myself against the wall!

I once pictured myself alongside Mickey mouse,
Wasn't hard imagining, My mom termed me 'cartoon' of the house.

I wanted to be on a rocket to the moon,
But I chucked the idea thinking I won't be back to earth any soon

I wanted to live in the jungle land,
But Wondering about crawling spiders, the idea was soon out of hand.

I wanted to fly high in the sky,
But without wings, I'd just fall down and die

I wanted to swim with dolphins in the sea,
But I always though those dolphins would laugh back at me.

I wondered how proud a soldier felt with himself,
But with the meager pay he got, would his sacrifice justify itself?

As a child I felt there was so much to learn,
I learnt Diplomacy, hate, cheating.. What else did I earn?

But As I grew, the questions changed,
The stupidity stayed but the seriousness ranged.

The childish innocence made me imagine beautiful things,
I wasn't a bird but it sure gave me wings.

I was the king of my little things
None could question me about my being

My world was my palace, my mind was free,
Now my mind just seems to play games with me.

My heart was pure and my laughter genuine,
Now I wonder what with my life I'm even doing

Earlier there was no hurt and life was a bliss,
Now whenever I'm hurt, it's these little things I miss

Though I might have been stupid, idiotic and wild,
I feel growing up wasn't worth it, it was always special as a child :)

-Sahil K