Wednesday, October 6, 2010



It starts with “What is your religion? What ethnicity do you belong to? Are you from a minority community?” and narrows down to “Are you Hindu? Are you Muslim?” People just carelessly spill out “I’m a Hindu, I hate Muslims” or conversely “I’m a Muslim, I hate Hindus.” People just love to quote the above given statements without realizing their overall impact. May I kindly ask why?? Did they personally come and harm your existence? Or did they do something bad to your life? Did they come and break your toys when you were young or puncture the wheels of your car? Pepl love to jump to unworthy implications and the younger lot mindlessly follow the notions set by the elders! 

I understand that terrorism has been linked to islam but that doesn’t mean that every muslim you see is bad or a terrorist. The message in the recent movie “My Name is Khan” was crystal clear, yet ppl fail to perceive it and watch the movie for the star studded cast! Its awful when a person is adjudged a thief, terrorist or some such on the basis of his religion. What has created this barrier? This isolation? Why can’t the two religions co-exist? Why are they always at loggerheads? 

The recent Babri masjid case was handled brilliantly. I agreed with the newspaper’s headlines that read “COURT DIVIDES LAND TO UNITE INDIA”. It was a good gesture of peace! The state of Jammu and Kashmir is buring. My roots are there and it hurts me to see the turmoil in the valleys! The hate is prominent, the problems are profound! Even recently, an incident proved the latent isolation. I was traveling back home from college in a bus. The bus was full with the exception of 1 seat. An elderly Muslim (eminent from his long beard and skullcap), probably 50-60 years of age, was sitting, rather sleeping alone on the seat. About 4-5 ppl were standing and I noticed that none of them wanted that seat. They preferred to stand. The man would have felt lucky to have the whole seat to himself until he would bother to find out why. The ppl standing were living each other’s fear because they thought when the others were scared, they concluded that it was automatically natural for them to feel scared sitting next to that harmless elderly, they were living each other’s fears! This was heart-breaking to see. This is how the world is! The public news channels blare aloud and ppl follow, I don’t blame the ppl because viewers are swayed easily by the media! 

When will this world understand that we’re not fighting a religion but grave issues like terrorism, dreaded diseases, social malpractices, hazards like global warming! The end would approach fast if we neglect these issues! Apocalypse is round the corner and instead of uniting, we are interested to create segments in the society to worsen our state. By fighting we’re just bringing our end closer! Is that what we really want? Was that our motive in life?

We’re in a sad world at the hands of extremists. May god have mercy on us!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peace!

-Sahil K