Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long Term? Think again!!

2 years of hard work..6 hours of examination.. Not all the things go right in da examination hall..Do they?? So for all of u who have screwed their IIT just like I have. TAKE A LOOK-

Somewhere in your mind you wud think of repeating a year and thinking that next year I wud try to get a better rank. But If u go by the present trends, you wud sure be forced to think against it. If you are basically even thinking abt long term. be crystal clear about it, Dont let thoughts of getting into other colleges wander in your mind as it can be the premier off-setter. I wud advice you that if u have a decent option in hand, go for that because of the reason I will mention. Firstly, In any college, its ur gpa or ur percentage that matters, Even an IItian with a poor gpa of 5 or 6 fails to land up a job(Read five point some1), If u have a gud gpa(something like an 8 or 9) in any other decent college u wud get a top job, Secondly its only your B.Tech, its of primary importence, your PG is what really adds zing to your profile(I have known examples of ppl from very low profile colleges making it to IIMs n oder institutions n really making it big in life), so it really dosent matter as much as da importance given to it, Thirdly, Go for dropping an year only if u think u can really get an awesome(not decent,mind u awesome) rank next year, with da reservations taking almost 50% seats, n da cut throat competetion, its pressurising enof, n dropping an year comes with its own package of additional tension, u have to succeed no matter what as u know u r already 1 year behind,
Dis year I have seen my frndz not landing up in da top IITs wid even 2k n 3k ranks...Many of my frndz dint even get any course dey applied go for it if u think u can really make it..Apart from dat, its frustrating to do da samething once again...One more fact is that if in an year arnd 8k ppl go to IITs, where do da oder students go?? If there are 500 ppl in a company n 50 are from IITs, where are da oder 450 from? U have da answer right there..Its true that IIT has its own sheen n da tag is enof to get u kick-ass jobs..u can sure try again next year, the chances are all upto your hard work eventually...but then da other institutions aren't bad..So my advice if u have an alternate options, a gud 1 , go for dat n Strive hard for your goal..Its not the end of da road if u havent cracked IIT..We have just started our journey friends..its a long road..Gudluck!!!

NOTE: Do show dis to ur parents incase u need to convince dem. Im just an 18 year old, trying to speak my mind and ideas.Upto u if u like dem n follow!! :)


shravya said...

well put, i must say!! but if u aren't flexible in ur choices n are hell bent about what u want to do...may be in extreme cases like tht u might have to consider long term...otherwise it cud be a very unwise decision.

shravya said...
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Sahil K said...

Well I very well agree wid u Shravya..I know if u have not cracked anywhere n have no oder option den U gotta consider but as I have mentioned if u have a decent option u may consider it..But u r right, in Hyd at least parents breathe down children's necks to burdens da child heavily n da child most often dan not messes up..I know so many examples I wudnt like to mention..Its dis inclination or dis fascination wid IIt dat ppl have dey cant give away..but gimme a break den what are oder instis of INDIA doing..well if ppl think ders nothing oder dan IIT..why not shut da oder instis down??

Ramya said...

a very gud note.. :)

Sahil K said...

Thanx a lot Ramya!! Appreciated!