Friday, April 27, 2012


A wandering mind set loose on its path as it may,
Wanders aboard timeless thoughts they say
It might reach the sky or the dark abyss
And yet they say I talk in riddles

When a mind full of thoughts is let loose
It's like a cross between a hippie and a recluse
 The facts are as clear as they are to be
And yet they say I talk in riddles

They say my thoughts are profound and meaningful
And then they say I complicate the usual
It's hard to grasp what they really intend to convey
And then they say I talk in riddles

People may believe the unbelievable,
They may trust in the blatantly untrustable
How untrustable could a person's ideals be?
And they still say I talk in riddles

Yet eventually, it's good not to be understood sometimes
Mysterious people have their own charm
Why let everything out in the open to the judgmental audience?
It's good to be surrounded by this world, wandering and confused!