Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trait Or College??

A friend of mine once asked me..DO I go for IIT if I get Architechture or Mettalurgy engg. or even something like Mining engineern?? I pondered over da question n came up wid a reasonable explnatn...As him..many of us are mighty confused whether to go for da college or da strem/trait of ur choice..Let me give u an example..Lets suppose da frnd I mentioned above joins IIT,..Hez happy wid da tag hez getting..but can he sustain da interest for 4 years..N den work all his life in da field he chose(considering it dosent fit to his liking)..As a matter of fact,hez not happy wid what he is doing n dats total crap of a life if u take my word..Eventually if u think dat u shud go for a very gud institution just for da fact that U'll make big money..its sublime nonsense..U wil get a gud job even if u work in any oder college..It all depends upon ur luck n hard work afterall..N da gud thing abt choosing da stream of ur choice is dat first of all U will be happy wid what u r doing..ur interest wil be sustained, n a very imp fact is dat u wil be able to maintain a gud gpa(provided dat u stick ur head into buks n not roam around like a hooligan all da time)..n even if u earn a decent amt(not considering dat U r Bill Gates) u wil be happy wid what u r doing..Eventually u will have ur chances in whichever field u r going..So in my opinion Go to a field dat will provide u maximum satisfaction., sustain ur interest n provide u happiness of life..U will suceed!!! ROCK ON!!


shravya said...

well...i would vote for college to be a higher priority...but coming to think of it..maybe it has to a 50-50 priority to both, cause if either one is bad you might end up hating your life for the next four years!!

Sahil K said...

Well I m not telling u to join Rangareddy College of Engineering(Dont know if da colg exists also) or sm discrete college no1s heard about..n I have known examples of ppl who have succeeded studying in da, I cant say cheap, mayb very low profile colleges..n Im not taking extremes here..Okay tell me if u get something like Mining, mettalurgy, Or Mayb Civil( provided u have no interest) will u join??