Monday, December 26, 2011

Humbled Dreams of a Distraught Dreamer!

I wish those smiles would last,
I wish those joys would stay

In the midst of a misty ocean,
Lies the frail spirit of dismay

Memoirs of a thankless life,
Sets this wandering soul ablaze

Waiting for the sun to rise,
Hope lures the sense of redemption

Life seems to unfurl in this really funny manner,
Like a new chapter was written every page

To mock at our sense of judgment at each step,
And lead us to a whole new way 

Striving for that one little thing from life, we all live,
something that someone else would easily acquire

And life smirks at us and takes that away,
Leaving us in this pain inducing solitude

Wisdom is all that pain gives but leaves a scar behind,
One that reminds us of how we were irreversibly ruffled

It's a blessing in disguise that these scars are invisible,
Because if they were visible, we'd all be so ugly!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


This one's dedicated to one of the pictures of my friend Alok Jaiswal which prompted me to come up with a caption and the nothingness of the night and this worldly contemplations together reslulted in this poem!

I do not wish to sleep tonight,
for the stars outside shine so bright!

Seeing the horizon light up the sky,
with hazy dragons and little fireflies

The heart plunges into deep thought
Of this heart and those little battles it fought

Times have gone when this heart felt sane
The days of dancing in those lashing rains

That warm smile at the descending of laughter
Those little burst of joys my words were after

Thinking about oblivion, bounded within rage
Mind lost in wanderings, bloodshot eyes and this heart encaged

In submission I've lost all my fears, my mind is running for the sky
I stand in bliss rued by my ignorance, memories flash me by

My life is a haven now, I see the lit horizon in sight
Nothing matters anymore, wrong or right

 Let me forget myself and embrace my inner light
Nothing can stop me, let me lose myself into this dark night!