Thursday, July 2, 2009

New York-Da Movie

Im not giving in a movie review here..I just wanna share what I though abt da movie..many of my frndz told me da movie was crap, it was damn boring, it was cheap..In a way I dont agree to what dey said..Me being this analytical kind..there wasnt a chance I wudnt like such a movie..There was an underlying msg within..I was aware of da American torture on Muslims after da 9/11 but less did I was of dis magnitude..It was really hellish..n it was really saddening dat ppl on account of dere religion were being taken in account as suspect terrorists..But as was potrayed in da movie..Da Americans have dis superiority complex, n da nick of twisting da law n hitting it back at you..Less can a person do anything wen da laws of a country is all guns out against his faith, his religion..n 1 more fact dat USA hasn't bcum one of da premier country just by achievments of its great leaders..a lot more has gone into it..killings in Iraq, racist attacks on Asians, etc are proof enof but as it has gone, it will keep going..Anyways da movie was invoking and thought provoking..n good job by all da actors in potraying good characters!!..Good job guys!!

Music-language of life!

After speakin abt stuff like colleges, IIT, individual..why not talk abt MUSIC??

Who dosent likes music?? Almost ever1 does!! Music is da ever so wonderful language of life n love! I love music, I listen to it at da most vague of moments n before da exam to calm myself down..but I play it so loud dat da stuck in my mind throughout da exam..had a harrowing experience once! While studying, sometimes I remmbr da stuff I had learnt while a particular part of da song was playing so it kinda bcums easy to recall. While playing a song Im unmindful of what is going on n have to be givn special orders to shut da music, also after an exam( I remmbr wen I used to be drained of all my brain after an AITS exam,, AITS-All India Test series for all dose who dont know), I used to play metal, full volume, earphones..n used to go back to bed wid an unimaginable n unbearable headache!..But dats me..weird in my own ways!

I remmbr 1 such incident which I wud like to share n probably will not forget for da rest of my life..IIT exam day..I dint wanna risk playing music n den spoling my exam yet I was very well aware that if I dint I wud be restless n wud start to panic..I just listend to 1 song..Akon-Beautiful..Da lyrics are amazing n I particularly like da rap...I had da song in mind all da time,,But what I encountered in da exam was far from beautiful..I felt as if I had forgotten all my concepts..n da only thing dat went in my mind was "You're so beautiful, so damn beautiful", I kinda laughed at my misery...the results were obvious..nothing to discuss or disclose..But I dont blame da song..Its BEAUTIFUL!!...n even Music is BEAUTIFUL...