Sunday, November 25, 2012


Far beyond the world we see,
Far above these lands and seas,
A deep breeze flows over a cataclysmic space,
Unreached and unearthed it seeks solace.

Beyond the imagination of the brightest minds,
Leaving all the worldly logic behind,
Lies a corner of little wishes and desires
Set ablaze with wings of fire.

Thoughts as deep as these colossal oceans,
Hazy memories play in rusty motions,
Long to touch that star studded sky,
For once to escape these earthy lies.

A mind that mulls in retrospect,
At a world that seemed to be perfect,
At how close it seemed and undeniably was,
Shattered by misapprehensions with no apparent sense of loss.

It is now that this mind seems lost,
Out of things that once mattered most,
Only to find a way back into that world,
Despite the silent shudders of massive swirls.

Sometimes the things you see not real,
There are things that you may not feel,
The light at the end of the tunnel may not give you what you look for,
Sometimes the answers lie right behind you, in the darkness!