Monday, March 12, 2012


There was India and then there were dire straits, And along came this lad
Riding on the stroke of genius did he play, he drove the bowlers mad

He willowed all he saw, Cut his bat through the breeze
Relentless as he was always, he always ruled the crease

His team mates called him Jammy, the world called him the wall
Not a word could anyone have against him, He still stands mighty tall

He walked the team to victory in countless number of games
Dependable was his synonym, such was his fame

A great ambassador, infinitely humble and dignified
For a lot of people who've seen him bat, he was patience personified

One man who moved the masses with his style
Witty as he always was, he answered criticism back with a smile

Playing in the shadows of legendary contemporaries as he did but still standing out
Was one of those reasons why you could praise him aloud

He still hasn't got his due from India cricket, deserves a world more
He was the one who held the team together on India soil yet foreign shores

The man is a legend, he played for a 100 years more, how I wished!
Yet he came, he saw, he conquered, Mr. Dravid, you will always be missed!

Peace. .