Saturday, April 30, 2011


The eyes are wet and the pain oozes out,
Speaks of the thousand unfulfilled instinctive moments.

The bubble of expectations has burst out in vain,
With the hopes out, nothing resides within.

A resounding thinker remains lonely,
To reflect on the unending thoughts that constantly resonate.

The thoughts inflicted with a constant flinching,
Of something withdrawn and withheld, unfair and unjust.

Why did destiny choose me is the far cry,
What made me deserve this despite devout benediction?

Its time I retaliate the rumblings of this distorted soul,
And torch my feelings out despite the repressive yet blissful ignorance.

So hold my trembling hand and take me high,
Let me off from the farthest sky.

Let me fall precariously in the vast emptiness you see,
Touch my soul, ignite my spirit and liberate me..

Monday, April 11, 2011


Its been a long time since I've written an article, looks like I've suddenly run out of ideas. Writer's block perhaps. So I thought hard about what to write next. A poem? Negative, I tried coming up with one but failed to come up with a decent sounding line. Poet's block too. So I looked for current topics, corruption came to mind but with so much being written and talked abt, no one would even want to look at what I write, let alone read it. Cricket ? By now I was so saturated with the amount of cricket I had been subjected to and with IPL here, I thought otherwise. What I write now maybe rusty and crappy so anyways bear with it.

So, finally I decided to write abt something that is so obvious in our nature, so deeply rooted and innate but we fail to perceive its need and importance. TRANSFORMATIONS. I'll keep it short and simple, and not go on for ages. So, basically I'm not talking abt physical transformations like into a devil all of a sudden or a swashbuckling movie star overnight, not even Laplace or Fourier Transformations but all the little transformations that go on within us. The Transformations in our nature, our action, our words. Transformation in our basic sense of being.

So what exactly was the reason for these transformations I thought. Looking from a personal point of view, experience was the leading force. Bitter experiences, good experiences, loss- personal or material, an aim, longings, the company u're in,deep regrets and then there are a million other things that influence us. Talking of transformations in ppl, people change, some for the better, some for the worse. Sadly, out of my experience and in today's world, most change for the worse. The change is brought not only by you alone but  even by people around you. Your company inflicts its influence majorly on you, so You can either get majorly screwed or become highly impressive depending up the presence of demotivators and motivators with you respectively!  And its really bad to see someone transform into someone vaguely irresponsible and mindless. Contrary to what I say, I have myself had some derogatory changes, some of which I'm not really proud of but then again, change is the only constant.

I'm not the person that I used to be. I may not be the person that I'm going to be. I will change, keep myself up to date with the flawed world and this wretched system around me of which I've become well and truly an integrated part. Transformation will be there, I cannot prevent it. Neither can you. We all have our changes as we go on. Life without change would be boring and meaningless. Change is what inspires us, motivates us, gives a meaning to our doings. And I welcome the change with all my heart. It will let me live and keep me going for as long as I do!

. . . . . . Peace out!