Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is a guest post by my very worthy friend Niharika Jain. I really liked this poem and the msg behind it. Hope u like it too! :)

Since the day I came to this place,
Away from my people, away from my place,

I discover a new me everyday,
I have expanded my dimensions and taken a new way.

Taking chances, trying new things,
I want to know how far will I be taken by my wings.

I know later I may reget it,
I know there is an ugly side to it.

My mind keeps warning me,
There is a turmoil going on inside me.

But I want to know how it feels to be free,
To touch the heights of the sky and drown into the depth of the sea,

To let go of everything and break free,
To forget all my fears and jump into the dark sea.

They say life is all about having fun,
Then why do we have responsibilities on our shoulders, which weigh a ton?

But I think I will make the right choice anyhow,
I will find my way out somehow.

In the end, I will be fine,
I will overcome this darkness and my world will shine.

- Niharika

Friday, December 3, 2010


From my childhood, I wondered what it was like being tall,
I set up a mark to measure myself against the wall!

I once pictured myself alongside Mickey mouse,
Wasn't hard imagining, My mom termed me 'cartoon' of the house.

I wanted to be on a rocket to the moon,
But I chucked the idea thinking I won't be back to earth any soon

I wanted to live in the jungle land,
But Wondering about crawling spiders, the idea was soon out of hand.

I wanted to fly high in the sky,
But without wings, I'd just fall down and die

I wanted to swim with dolphins in the sea,
But I always though those dolphins would laugh back at me.

I wondered how proud a soldier felt with himself,
But with the meager pay he got, would his sacrifice justify itself?

As a child I felt there was so much to learn,
I learnt Diplomacy, hate, cheating.. What else did I earn?

But As I grew, the questions changed,
The stupidity stayed but the seriousness ranged.

The childish innocence made me imagine beautiful things,
I wasn't a bird but it sure gave me wings.

I was the king of my little things
None could question me about my being

My world was my palace, my mind was free,
Now my mind just seems to play games with me.

My heart was pure and my laughter genuine,
Now I wonder what with my life I'm even doing

Earlier there was no hurt and life was a bliss,
Now whenever I'm hurt, it's these little things I miss

Though I might have been stupid, idiotic and wild,
I feel growing up wasn't worth it, it was always special as a child :)

-Sahil K

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"Boulevard of broken dreams" is a song almost everyone is familiar with. Its from the band green day. This song rings a bell in my mind, an alarm of sorts.. The guitaring of the song is amazing, the vocals are magical and the lyrics impeccable but the meaning is astounding.. Its obviously more than just music and lyrics. The first line itself has so much to say "I walk a lonely road, the only one that i have ever known", we come in this world, we are raised in a loving family, but we still walk our own separate paths. The world is too busy and full of itself to ever notice or care abt us! We walk down a long road, long maybe not in length, but long because the experiences and incidents make it so! 

We may suffer a series of emotions as we go along, sweet victories, bitter defeats, accidents, sufferings, heartbreak. But its life, it has to go on. We cry, laugh,enjoy, detest, even plan our lives. We hope for the best, we have unlimited wants and fantasies but most of them are short lived either by setbacks or we are left with no time or resources to carry them on. Since childhood, we are surrounded by ppl. Some love us, some hate us, some care for us, some are jealous but these ppl won't stay with us forever. Ppl may enter your life, become important and before you know it, the may be out of your life or you may simply lose touch! Friends will always be there.. They will make the journey a pleasant experience but even these friends won't stay forever. Some will forget us, we will forget some, some may get busy with their lives, some may leave us in anger, we may leave some in anger but some may stay throughout but even then all the decisions of your life are yours alone, noone takes them for you. 

The pain that you feel is yours, noone can be where you are or see things from your eyes and you can't hold someone responsible for the way your life has shaped up because they were always your decisions and it was you who took them. I particularly don't know the motive of writing this but it justifies one fact, that ppl may come and ppl may go, our life goes on but there is a part of us only we know. The part that we talk to, with whom we take our decisions,the part who really knows what we are, call it the subconscious but its only company is us and its lonely, will remain so walking through this life within us and thinking to itself that "I WALK A LONELY ROAD!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My cousin Sakshi(right) and I
This is a true incident. Long ago, when I was a kid. I particularly can't recall my childhood as such but this incident runs fresh in my memory! It was the year of 1997 or 98 I suppose. Pretty far back! I had to attend a parent teacher meeting at school (JASPAL KAUR PUBLIC SCHOOL it was in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi). It really bothered me, it was a menacing day where teachers would just tell my parent particularly these few things "he's very shy", "he doesn't speak", "he's aloof", "he doesn't participate in activities" and I always ended up getting a rather blood staining F in extra-curricular activities in my report card!

I was a serious kid, I never talked much, I associated with very few people. I was this little child with lots of thoughts in the head! Lots of doubt, maybe not about sciences or mathematics (I was pathetic at Math initially) but about how people were behaving around me. So that was me, silent, serious but still amicably adorable! So I dint look forward to the day. I faked a back-ache in the morning but my mom was way too familiar with my famous "back-aches" that occurred on special occasions so that dint help. I was decorated, dressed for the kill, left to be attacked by those cruel teachers who kill with their comments despite a huge smile! So we went, me and mom, in a rickshaw (Rickshaws were very common then in Delhi then). The morning air brushed through my hair and I felt good. It was all silent, the lull before the storm.

So we reached school, and my mom and I somehow separated. I can't recall a particular time frame but I came to my classroom alone. The teacher wasn't there, nobody was there. I went towards one of the windows and stared blankly outside. I suddenly noticed that a chocolate was kept on the table. No one was there to claim it. I walked towards it and stared at it. My initial reflex was to pick it up and place it discreetly in the pocket but I dint do so. Something stopped me, something from inside and I dint know what. Maybe it was a little child’s conscience or innocence but the temptation was huge. A chocolate is an undeniable treat for a kid but I still couldn't make my hand reach out to it. It felt like I was going to do something wrong by picking it up and someone might have forgotten his/her chocolate there! But then again, a chocolate is a chocolate!

So there I was, trying to make one of the most imp decisions of my life, Yes, important. I now know what it has impacted on me. A 7 year old trying to work out the boundaries of his little brain. I just stood there, frozen in time, and finally decided that I was not going to pick it up. Even as a child, it felt like a huge defeat, to let that chocolate go. My mom and the teacher walked in together, smiling, and I surely dint expect that.. So had my mom too joined hands with the teacher on ways to kill me?? It was already tough to let the chocolate go and I couldn't comprehend with the loss of the chocolate and my mom altogether! I was shocked, my little brain working on optimum levels and exploring every possibility but I calmed myself down! The teacher gave a good feedback, I remember her name. It was "ILA GULATI" and I liked that teacher. I was kinda her pet. She smiled at me and waived towards the table indicating me to go towards something on it. And even before I could turn towards the table, little fireworks of joy had already started in my heart. I walked the red carpet of my little life and gleefully picked up the chocolate not even realizing what ma’am wanted me to do, least bothered, like it was destined for me. I couldn't believe the turn of events. The chocolate was mine, ethically of course. 

It was a sweet incident that I still fondly recall. It made a world of impact on me. Had I not made the choice between good/bad that particular day, I'd fail to make one subsequently and it'd become a habit! It set my ideals clear and my ideologies apart! When I look back now, I feel despite my teeny weenie brain, I did make the right decision and “THAT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE”.

Peace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



It starts with “What is your religion? What ethnicity do you belong to? Are you from a minority community?” and narrows down to “Are you Hindu? Are you Muslim?” People just carelessly spill out “I’m a Hindu, I hate Muslims” or conversely “I’m a Muslim, I hate Hindus.” People just love to quote the above given statements without realizing their overall impact. May I kindly ask why?? Did they personally come and harm your existence? Or did they do something bad to your life? Did they come and break your toys when you were young or puncture the wheels of your car? Pepl love to jump to unworthy implications and the younger lot mindlessly follow the notions set by the elders! 

I understand that terrorism has been linked to islam but that doesn’t mean that every muslim you see is bad or a terrorist. The message in the recent movie “My Name is Khan” was crystal clear, yet ppl fail to perceive it and watch the movie for the star studded cast! Its awful when a person is adjudged a thief, terrorist or some such on the basis of his religion. What has created this barrier? This isolation? Why can’t the two religions co-exist? Why are they always at loggerheads? 

The recent Babri masjid case was handled brilliantly. I agreed with the newspaper’s headlines that read “COURT DIVIDES LAND TO UNITE INDIA”. It was a good gesture of peace! The state of Jammu and Kashmir is buring. My roots are there and it hurts me to see the turmoil in the valleys! The hate is prominent, the problems are profound! Even recently, an incident proved the latent isolation. I was traveling back home from college in a bus. The bus was full with the exception of 1 seat. An elderly Muslim (eminent from his long beard and skullcap), probably 50-60 years of age, was sitting, rather sleeping alone on the seat. About 4-5 ppl were standing and I noticed that none of them wanted that seat. They preferred to stand. The man would have felt lucky to have the whole seat to himself until he would bother to find out why. The ppl standing were living each other’s fear because they thought when the others were scared, they concluded that it was automatically natural for them to feel scared sitting next to that harmless elderly, they were living each other’s fears! This was heart-breaking to see. This is how the world is! The public news channels blare aloud and ppl follow, I don’t blame the ppl because viewers are swayed easily by the media! 

When will this world understand that we’re not fighting a religion but grave issues like terrorism, dreaded diseases, social malpractices, hazards like global warming! The end would approach fast if we neglect these issues! Apocalypse is round the corner and instead of uniting, we are interested to create segments in the society to worsen our state. By fighting we’re just bringing our end closer! Is that what we really want? Was that our motive in life?

We’re in a sad world at the hands of extremists. May god have mercy on us!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peace!

-Sahil K

Monday, May 17, 2010


Posting it very very late..written by me a few years ago!

The Mumbai blasts triggered my nerve cells
I went gasping for breath saying WHAT DA HELL??

The faces once happy were as sad as they could get,
It was a sight I would rather try to forget.

People were lying motionless on da floors,
Seemed like these terrorists have got no bloody chore!!

I sat glued to da T.V. all da time
It was sad to see the scenes of the horrific crime!

I din’t know whether to laugh at da misery or cry at da loss?
People were killed without a cause!

What a security lapse it had been,
To let dose dreaded terrorists in!

Families cried, families sobbed and frndz broke down,
At the fact that their dears would never again be found

The blasts have angered me well from within,
I feel lucky to survive each day since then!

I think twice wthr to go out or not,
Safety is out of question, fills me with horrifying thoughts

Why do these terrorists kill innocents
They do not know what da loss meant!

They rejoice da killings, dey’re actually proud!
Wonder which religion advertises killings, dey shld shun themslvs aloud

I’ll shoot 1 if given a chance
Cant take anymore to da govt’s dance!

They should hang themselves for what They’ve done,
But the real phase of terrorism has only just begun.

Earlier I reacted to attacks with a startled “WHEN, WHERE & HOW??”
These attacks fail to bother me now!

This is what has come to each one of us!
Why have we accepted terrorism widout a fuss?

We tend to make a fuss abt small things,
Arent we bothered abt what our country is doing???

But who does 1 turn to?
Each one is equally unsafe what does 1 do?

The govt. is only interested in bloodsucking money
Some politicians even think the situation is funny!

I wished da terrorists had rather attacked them
I wud have atleast felt happy from within!

The situation is far from funny
And theres more to it that da provided relief money!

We need to be aware from now!
The question is how?

To remove terrorism let us join hands
To remove dis malice from our homeland.

The system we are in sux to da core
Problems have to be brought to the fore

If we don’t do anything now..da situation wil go out of hand
Think now or forever risk out homeland!!!!




Sunday, April 25, 2010


                               -Sahil K

Its not the way it seems to be
It always eventually comes down on me

Descends more like a responsibility
Like an unearthed philosophy

Do you even know what its like walking in my shoes?
Or do you always think that I let it all too loose?

You’re unmindful of my frame of mind
I don’t expect you to understand, at least be kind!

Why don’t you sneak a peak into my mind?
Tell me exactly what you find!

Something all wired up wrong inside
Does that make you feel I never tried?

I have battles within me, things no one knows
I may smile up front, I’m not the one who shows

You see me smile, I’ve seen the tears
You’ve seen the goals, I’ve known the fears!

I’m not a machine, Please understand!
I can’t weave gold out of mere strands.

You make me feel I’m imperfect for life
My confidence shatters with a nose-dive

I’m human, let me be as I’ve been.
My attempts and efforts will never be seen!



Friday, March 26, 2010


Ever wondered who you are ? Why are u in this world ? What was the mere purpose of you being born? Why are u facing these troubles? Why the pain? Why the conditions? If you are seeking an answer, I fail to deliver cuz I'm myself in this jeopardy! Why did I come hustling to this world??? I try to find the answer but it seems like a puzzle waiting to discovered but never is!!

Well basically I'm not one of those inexplicably charming of people that people are suddenly attracted to me, but then I ain't that unseemingly ugly too. I'm not the coolest of company but then I ain't that bad either! I'm not the most kind-hearted of ppl, I will not sell myself out to feed the poor, but then I'm not that unkind..I'd give him something to eat if I have smthng with me! I'm selfish when it comes to me, maybe not as selfish as ppl might make it seem but at a certain level I am, the world is like that so I have my guard up! But then if given the chance, I do go out of the line to help people. Why do I do this? Does it make a difference to any1 if I suddenly perish from the face of this earth?? Maybe! Maybe not! Will any1 bother to look out for me?

Finally after thinking on these lines i realise that I don't love every1 in this world so I don't expect every1 to love me back but if 1 day u say to me that "Hey.. you made a difference in my life" I don't mind if its a small one also! That'd make me glad..

We, as people won't be remebered, the only things we will be remembered for are our actions, so what we require to do is to make a difference...Well , eventually This is my small way of doing it and thats maybe one of the things I was supposed to do in the first place! So I'm doing it and I'm proud!

 ... ... .. .. Peace! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


                     MY DAY

                                             -SAHIL K

The window opens and the day breaks in,
Ruffling hair, rubbing eyes, streaching hands and an occasional spin.

The day has far more yet to offer
But I’m sleepy, sleep is like an indespensible buffer.

I have to perceive the inevitable rays of the sun,
Yet the flummeries of the day have long begun.

To nature, I give no thought, I just go abt my chores,
The quirks go on as the day soars.

The monotony of things strikes, so does the mundane word,
It keeps twitching inside me like a swirl.

As the day goes by, the more morose I get,
Seeing the congenial expressions and astonishing masks, I fret.

It seems like a crevasse is seeping into me,
Crestfallen I look for a confounded place to be

Where have the days of joy and frivolous Laughter gone?
When ppl spoke in loving and a credulous tone.

The evocative thoughts throng my mind,
Looks like happiness and peace has been expunged from humankind.

Human is fallible, he does makes mistakes,
But he ain’t bothered today abt what’s at stake.

I exait the ppl who are aware,
Who worry forthis world, who truly care.

Not like the purblind souls who live misbegotten lives,
Not an attempt for do they even strive

What will happen to life? The unimaginable recluse
What we want in life is eventually for us to choose.

The day sets out this veritable truth that stinks,
Like an imprecation was set on life, my worried soul thinks.

                                            . . . . . . . . .Peace!

Saturday, February 20, 2010




1. You make elaborate timetables and plans to study but the only thing u forget to do is to start.

2. When 3-4 hours of sleep is considered to be good for health(provided u even get that much)

3. When the ‘f’ word dominates ur mouth whenever u get an assignment.

4. When ‘GOD’ becomes an indispensable source of help during time of the exams and u don’t even know or care who he is otherwise.

5. When u walk into the class and wonder “Damn, whoz dis guy teaching?? I’ve never see him before!!”

6. When u learn to say “present sir” in at least 10 different voices.

7. When u aren’t considered human if u haven’t slept once in class.

8. When u take dis note as yet another assignment and must already being feeling bored!

9. When library is used to check out grls rather than check books.

10. When u luk at a girl and all kinds of permutations and combinations and probability equations start running in ur mind, analyzing ur chances with her

11. When u want to kill the prof when he says in an excited voice “EXTRA CLASS TMRO"

12. When u are surrounded by loads of books and the only things u wish to read are novels and comics.

13. When u always think to urself that “ab next exams se pehle har din padhunga” but wait for the next exam to come and fr u to repeat the same FALSE promises to urself!

14. When night-outs are da ultimate last ditch survival tactics(assignments, exams, notes,etc..they cover a wide variety)

15. When u wake up at 10 am and sleep again realizing its still early morning.

16. When the most imp. Discussions in class are “Why India lost the match the da before or What Katrina Kaif would be wearing next day.”

17. When u practically get prepared to digest anything in the world after having the inedible hostel food.

18. When u feel that the girls/guys in other colleges are way better than girls/guys in ur college.

19. When ur main concern for coming to college is to give a pendrive or movie cd to ur frnd.

20. . When u are a successful leader only if u can initiate successful mass bunks.

21. When more movies are circulated in the class rather than assignments.

22. When after exam u realize in the post-mortem “Yaar ye kausa question hai?? Ye toh mainey likha hi nai !!”

23. When u have tons of assignments to submit and all you do is listen to music

24. When late-maths assignments are being completed in the last benches of physics lectures

25. When ppl sit in the first benches only to improve their studious appeal in the eyes of the teacher when they actually don’t give a damn abt studies

26. When after the sems, the geeks run to the library to issue books fr next sem and ppl like me run to the malls or ultiplexes to njoy!!

27. When the real deadline for assignments is at least 2 weeks after the actual deadline.

28. When u don’t know whoz pen is in ur hand, or whoz pencil u are using.

29. When a C.S. engineer only thinks about making programs to reach the heart of the person he/she loves.

30. When a Civil engineer would love to make a high-rise building and love to push the principal from the top.

31. When u read the above n realize it has all happened with u n say “Yes I do dat and I’m proud”..


/*u are free to add any more points*/

-Sahil K.. lots of hard work!!! Phew