Wednesday, December 19, 2012


How often has it happened that you sit with such unending anger at the day to day happenings and you feel you can't take charge and do something about it. I would state it publicly, if I were to meet the people who were responsible for the gang-rape of the poor Delhi girl, I'd kill them with my bare hands. Reading about the crime, even imagining what those monsters did fills me up with utter contempt. Have we come to be a part of such a society? Is this even a society? And even more appalling are the things said by the Delhi police blaming the girl for the rape. According to them, if you lure a man by wearing revealing clothes, you were responsible for the crime. So the man goes scot free? It's not his fault, he's a rape machine ready to lay his hands on any girl who wears revealing clothes on the road! I don't think it is the dress that decides or prompts a man to carry such an inhuman action. And these are the words of our protectors. To put some logic into this man's head, it is Delhi we're talking of. The winter is chilling, a woman cannot wear revealing clothes even if she wanted to. Trying to refute his logic, I feel like a child stooping to his level of stupidity. A woman is to be blamed! Wow sir, you are more narrow minded than a person living in the dark ages who still might have better cognitive functioning.(Read more:

The demand for capital punishment would set an example that would deter men from turning into monster but are we really addressing the problem that way? We live in a patriarchal society, it's a man's world. No amounts of feminist explanations can change the view I have. It's not something I'm proud of one bit but to an extent, inside everyone knows the harsh reality and I've seen and heard things that more than confirm this. A woman once stigmatized cannot lead a happy life in our society as I've observed. A man who goes around living on his whims may be categorized as "straying from his path" but a women doing the same would certainly be called "wrong", "characterless", and other things I'd not like to mention. With this in mind, the girl works hard to earn a name, to settle into a home and lead a happy life with her partner but one incident can change your life forever. For that poor Delhi girl, that was that very unfortunate instant. Narrating the experience would make any person shocked with horror. Where does that leave us? Should a woman not go out at all? Should she abandon her dreams and sit at home, she might not even be safe at home for that fact. ( Of late there have been a million suggestions that have been made to try these culprits, some of them are as follows:

-Capital Punishment
-Life imprisonment
-Castration(physical or chemical)

Capital punishment is a very difficult proposition. The world is moving away from the concept with India as one of the few places where it still occurs. Pratibha Patil in her term pardoned 30 rapists and some of these were highly volatile cases, some of them just inexplicably horrible. The rapists aren't scared because they know that the public furore will die in some time but the case will elongate beyond that. Days ago, the case of Sonali Mukherji caught steam and the public demanded action against the accused. Anyone remotely even has the case in mind now? Public furore over one particular is a temporary phenomenon, Anna Hazare, Arushi murder case, Ajmal Kasab's hanging; all these issues lie in the minds of the people for as long as the media endorses them but even they know that we have a short lived memory of such cases. A very hard but true fact.

The Chemical Castration maybe a very fitting punishment. Castrate them and let them live on to be reminded every day of the crime they committed. But even this would draw the ire of the Human Rights as inhuman despite the inhuman actions of the perpetrators themselves. This may not be a viable solution as it is referred to as 'inhuman' by Amnesty international (Read more why here: The convicts may at maximum be sentenced to life imprisonment. Any method of torture that people said should be carried out may never happen. The government are a civilized bunch of people or at least they'd say so. The punishment is not the only thing to deter such heinous crimes.

What we really need is fast track courts that can sentence the convicts on hard proof, better security at night with vigilant police protection in isolated areas. Strict punishments for eve teasing and crimes that involve misbehavior with women. Spreading awareness about the laws that protect women.( Read here: The men who are educated and know their boundaries will not carry such a crime. The chances are very slim that such a thing occurs. An uneducated man who has not had an idea of right or wrong may do the wrong thing. The chances are very high. Impart education in schools, we're a country who pray to Godesses. We call our country "Bharat mata" and yet this is the irony of the situation. Allow anonymity of the victim(As per U/s 228A of Indian Penal Code) and punish the criminals. Do not let them go charge free. This behaviour only encourages. The situation is sad as long as it occurs with someone else. It is disastrous if it happens to someone you know.

We have our sisters, friends, daughters who travel to school, work and parties. With no fear of being caught, the cases have proliferated.. Demand punishment for the accused. Educate the coming generations to respect women. Let the anger sustain. Let it not die. This madness has to end. It just has to!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I don't usually voice my opinion over Cricket, in fact I never have but now that I start to pen down this article, I do so with rage over the events of the past few days and the reactions to them that have more than appalled me to no end. To put it in simple terms: India were outplayed comprehensively and this occurred at home which made it all the more hurtful. There's nothing like a loss on your home turf, your fortress, perhaps the fortress has been breached. The attack might inevitably be, the first of many to come. There are a few key aspects that need to be touched and probably analyzed extensively as to what caused this fiasco and where to look from this point onwards.

What exactly happened in this series?

Most of us are actually still wondering as to what hit us, how did we lose a home series? This started off as a redemption series and ended as a sorrowful tale of adding insult to injury and probably some MDH laal mirch masala to the wounds, they had added salt back in England itself. Back in England, India were battered, to put it as politely as you could. Except for Dravid, I think there was no other player who stood against their attack except the occasional knock here and there. There seemed to be something lacking: fight. The batsmen just couldn't fight back. But this series ensured that the players would long to restore their pride, their bruised egos by setting things right and there was only one way to do so: A clean sweep at home. It started off in grand fashion with the Ahemadabad test victory. Dravid was gone, no Laxman either. And in came the Saurashtra lad-Pujara who rose to the occasion and made it count. Things looked good in the first match, the variations worked for Ojha and Ashwin and the partnership looked lethal(Like times when Bhajji and Jumbo rocked oppositions). England lived up to their reputation of being clueless in the sub continent.The English middle order looked shaky and the Indians probably made premature misjudgements about the middle order(Almost each of these bugger went on to score a century). Everyone was overjoyed. India had drawn first blood. But there was something that stood between India and England-Captain Cook. He showed amazing fight and would eventually turn out to be the difference between the 2 sides.

The next match had a pitched that turned square. Shane Warne style. When the trio of Bhajji, Ashwin and Ojha should have rocked the opposition and put them on the back foot, the opposition rocked Indian bowlers out of the park and the spectators into deep slumber. The spinners took wickets at painfully long intervals and that cost us the game. Also to be appreciated is the fact is that Swann and Monty took 19 wickets between them and India were bowled out for a lowly 142 in the second innings(less than Pieterson's individual knock of 186 in the first innings, maximum insult guaranteed). What was the difference? The English batted with a positive intent to score runs and the indisciplined bowling only helped their cause. Cook scored his second ton of the series to stamp his authority. Ashwin tried too many variations. The occasional leg side delivery helped them get singles and ease the pressure. That is where Monty and Swanny succeded, they bowled in one area consistently choking the singles and forcing the batsmen to drive. Result: The batsmen fell to good deliveries. Swann's pitch map looked more like a small nest of red dots and Ashwin's looked like a 2 year old had got hold of a gun and fired at the target. He was just all over the place. With things evenly poised we headed for the third match.

The story was absolutely dismal here. Nothing much needs to be talked about. Cook came good, yet again and India's woes with him continued. With India batting in the third innings, a good total was needed to challenge England and sadly India went from 86-0 to 122-6. This needed some seriously horrible batting and that is what we got. Sehwag had space for a minivan between his bat and pad, Gambhir made Pujara his second run-out victim after Sehwag in the first innings, Kohli drove on the up and gave away his wicket and the rest followed suit. If it hadn't been for Ashwin's 91, India would have had an innings defeat. What worse than an innings defeat at home? There was no fight to add to it. England needed just 41 runs, they came out casually throwing away easy wickets to tease India with Bell eventually having to get his pads on when he'd probably have been posting the victory status on twitter.

The fourth test had a different story, India fought back on a very difficult track but couldn't capitalize. Searching for runs seemed like a task of searching for water on a narrow cliff in a waterless desert with vultures looming to consume you if you lost balance. When India needed to bowl the English batsmen out for a low score in the second innings, they could only manage one wicket from the final day's play to bury hopes in a coffin deep within the deepest seas. With the way England batted, It could have taken 3 more days to even bowl them out. The umpiring was the worst I have seen in recent times. Dharmasena missed straight chances that were out and gave Cook and Compton out when the ball was a good distance from the bat. Pujara too did not look out, who knows, the match might have been different had that not happened. Cricket, after all, is a game of endless probabilities and possibilities.

If you don't bat well, you need to bowl really well to make up for it. If you don't bowl well, you have to get an extremely high total to provide some leeway for your bowlers. India did neither in a good part of the series. They just never seemed to have enough runs. And even if they had them, they needed to take 20 wickets to win a match which they did only on one occasion. The indiscipline in bowling by the seamers and spinners helped England score heaps of runs.
In a head to head we see a few differences
Total runs scored by England-2201
Total runs scored by India-1901.
The difference isn't strikingly large but do appreciate the fact that  India set shoddy targets on 2 occasions and England's tally could have been higher had they batted first instead.

In the bowling department, the numbers are surprising. England took 55 wickets in all and so did India but what separated the two were the averages and strike rate of the bowlers. India bowled more overs and with a high number of overs, the runs came on piling. England were the better prepared side and outplayed in all three departments.

The series was a wakening call for 2 reasons- first that we played spin like we'd woken up to be natives of a different country altogether,secondly we bowled spins like weak, out-of-subcontinent teams. Effectively we screwed up on both counts.

Should Dhoni be sacked?

A lot of fuss has been made about Dhoni's captaincy. People who think that he is not a good captain, he lacks skills, he is not able to stratergize, have grown exponentially in the past one year and there have also been a number of questions being raised about his technique. To answer them one by one,  first things first: Dhoni is not a bad captain at all. A captain can set a field and ask his bowlers to bowl to that field. Would you blame him for the fours that the opposition hit? For the mis-fields? For the bowlers giving away free runs down the leg side? A captain may have a rough patch but can he be blamed for batsmen falling one by one in line? The answer is NO. He cannot be singled out. He may have made a few strategic errors in the past games and have had a lean patch but to single him out and arraign him apart from his counterparts because he is the captain would be as good as blaming the captain of a sinking ship for the holes in the ship floor. It seems to Indian fans, that you win as a team and lose as a captain. Kohli, Sachin and Yuvi were abysmall. Sehwag, apart from the 117 knock scored 136 runs in the remaining 6 innings(An average around 23 runs per innings) and looked technically more unsound than probably, Ashwin. Gambhir was inconsistent and prodded at too many outside off. Ojha bowled well throughout the series. Ashwin was in T20 mode perhaps, trying too many things at once. He batted well thought, infact he had the 2nd best average in the Indian camp, hardly surprising the way others batted. The others were average. What made Indian bowling seem worse was the way England bowled amplifying the criticism manifold. However, this again does not point a finger at Dhoni. His frustration on the field clearly shows that he wanted desperately to win, putting to rest the notions that he plays only for money.This is a man who's given us enough to cheer about but as I've come to know in Indian cricket, the one wrong that you do overpowers 100s of rights that you have toiled for in the country's interest. To talk of Dhoni's record: Out of the 43 tests that Dhoni has captained India, he has won 20, lost 12 and drawn 11. Not a bad record. What makes it seem bad is that 10 of those 12 defeats have come in the past 1 year. Maybe the law of averages caught up with him. This is actually a pretty good record as compared to the others but then again I'm here to talk absolutes and I'd leave the comparisons to your better judgement. 

The Criticism and Flurry of Changes: A wise call?

There has been wide criticism over everything that happened. Speculations are rife that Dhoni might be sacked from the Indian captaincy. That he may even be dropped from the squad. Before that happens, I think the board should take a good look at individual performances and judge people on merit. Kohli had a bad series, yuvi was out of sorts, Sachin had a tally that he would be appalled to look at. Sehwag and Gambhir together did not give the start India would have wanted. Sehwag, in particular has been very inconsistent. The board might take a few harsh decisions in a flurry and they would dent the side permanently. To act rash and sack a few people based on the sentiment of the masses would be stupid to say the least. Giving the captaincy to a young player may have its own repercussions. The board should sit down and chalk out a plan for the long term instead of making short terms tweaks which brings us to the final aspect!

Where to from here?

Damage control is what the board needs to do right now. Plug the holes, selectors, don't sack the poor captain. Release the players who are out of form into the Ranji circuit and let them work on their game for some time. This would give them some perspective and the much needed temperament. Give them a county season to prepare them for the conditions abroad. This would do wonders as it did to Sachin, Dravid and Laxman for a good part of thier career there(all 3 played county). Zaheer who came back after a stint with Worcestshire literally won them the series in 2008-09(Read more at Why the BCCI stopped this practice of county and actually rebutted 4 internationals from going to play county is beyond my understanding. Probably taken England for granted? If you want to be the best you need to play in challenging conditions and embrace them. Not play on turning tracks all your life and look like a chicken ready to be slaughtered when you go abroad. A season abroad will help immensely. Just like IPL has exposed other teams to Indian conditions for 5 years on the trot now.

Do not give a place to players based on reputation. A player is as good as how he performs in a test match. The past record doesn’t earn him a place, his immediate form does. It is not about personal glory after all, it's about the team. A rotation policy with back up openers and immediate replacement for out of form middle order batsmen might be in order. An immediate assessment of the bowling department is critical. We need good quality seamers who can bowl for many matches at a stretch and not get bundled by injuries. A rotation of these bowlers to avoid injuries is a must. We don't want pacers to get injured and return to be as fast as spin bowlers(if you know what I'm getting at). India has always faltered when it has been too reliant on a single seamer, Zaheer being one of them for the past many series. His lack of form had a big role to play in the series as well. The coaches need to work with the players and let them play their natural game. The spinners, for me did a decent job. A little more discipline would do wonders. Ashwin is turning out to be a very handy batsman but he should concentrate on his bowling more than anything, probably get out of trying too many things and stick to the basics.

Also, of Late, a lot of talk has been made about the fact that Sachin should retire. That he should retire or not is his decision. No one can force him or tell him what to do. To ask him to retire would be to belittle him and make a mockery of his achievements. If you feel he is not in form, drop him, but raising talks about his retirement hardly seems fair. Give the man some respect, he's done a lot for the country. Don't give him freebies, he's a man of substance, he shall earn his place if he wishes to.

As a devout Indian fan, I sit in despair at the irrelevant and unnecessary criticism that is being meted out by the people and the media. To make matters worse, the local media has actually taken up issues of sacking players, sacking the captain, asking Sachin to retire and other irrelevant issues when it should back the players and try to offer constructive solutions for the future of the Indian side. There is a public outcry whenever we lose a match and people go overboard with their own expert advice to sack this player and ask that player to retire. I see other teams of the world and the way their fans back them up in bad times and it makes me cringe at our situation. This makes me feel in hindsight that we have not supported our previous players enough, many careers have ended due to harsh decision carried out with little logic behind them. Many people are yet to receive their due from Indian cricket. I shall not take names because the names are aplenty. All we can do is support the team in its pursuit and hope that all shall be back to normal again. As an optimist, I shall wait for that day and we shall cheer "GO INDIA" from the stands, from our TV rooms, perhaps even fully from our hearts again and see the team rise like a phoenix in its full glory.

Peace. . . .

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Far beyond the world we see,
Far above these lands and seas,
A deep breeze flows over a cataclysmic space,
Unreached and unearthed it seeks solace.

Beyond the imagination of the brightest minds,
Leaving all the worldly logic behind,
Lies a corner of little wishes and desires
Set ablaze with wings of fire.

Thoughts as deep as these colossal oceans,
Hazy memories play in rusty motions,
Long to touch that star studded sky,
For once to escape these earthy lies.

A mind that mulls in retrospect,
At a world that seemed to be perfect,
At how close it seemed and undeniably was,
Shattered by misapprehensions with no apparent sense of loss.

It is now that this mind seems lost,
Out of things that once mattered most,
Only to find a way back into that world,
Despite the silent shudders of massive swirls.

Sometimes the things you see not real,
There are things that you may not feel,
The light at the end of the tunnel may not give you what you look for,
Sometimes the answers lie right behind you, in the darkness!

Friday, August 24, 2012


A new sun rose at the offset of another dusk
The one that set had enchanted the soul

The tree had been subjugated in captivity
Beset by troubles from all ends, the tree lay aggrieved

The tree had once been a mere sapling
Aspiring and avowing to grow into a big green tree

The dream hadn't been one which came along easy,
And the tree was lured by the other trees in the vicinity

They told him emblazoned tales of the sky high up above
The scented wind that swept past them satiating the innermost desires

The tree was just beginning to stand on its feet
When the hell broke loose and the rain unleashed its wrath

The tree struggled but with valour it fought,
The tree had trudged through somehow

But the battle had only just began,
When the sun unleashed its fury on the horizon

Bereft of all sanity, the tree languished as days went on
Beleaguered he stood on all sides there were

The tree stood still and never lost hope,
That one day he'd win, he'd grow high and tall

The tree grew slowly but surely, it strived hard to do so
Against all odds, he had to believe and he did

When one day he noticed that he'd grown tall,
The horizon sure looked beautiful from the top

He could feel the scented breeze flowing by,
The birds to him seemed to be celebrating his joy

This is when he plundered in deep contemplation,
At how he had failed to realize he was growing

He had overlooked all just to make it through,
He had hoped against all hope to survive

The sun seemed to smile at him now,
The rain just ignited the spirits inside

What he finally realized put him at peace,
That the sun and the rain had never meant to hurt

They only meant to make him strong and unbreakable,
The dawn had never looked more beautiful


Saturday, July 14, 2012


He had just moved from the dusty by lanes of Delhi to Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. It did sleep, he soon found out, well at least most of it did back then. His father had had a transfer. Delhi had been a good place to live in. There was the rickshaw that took him to school every day, the teachers who adored him, the canteen where he collected his He-man action figures(with a scented eraser within) and the group of friends who lived like there was no tomorrow. The previous statement may have been misleading about the boy's age. Our little champion had just celebrated his 7th birthday. Life was about to experience a change. Change is always good, he thought. And it turned out to be quite a life altering one.

Mumbai was different for different reasons. People were not as close knit as they were back in Delhi. No one took a keen interest in your life though that did not mean that people weren't friendly. That homely feeling that the boy had when he was at Delhi was missing. Mumbai seemed foreign for time being. Everyone was busy making a living. Life was fast and you had to keep up. But that was for the big boys. He was more interested in how life was under the radar. He made many friends in building he resided in. Cricket was still played on a daily basis, one thing that did not change from back in Delhi. The boy was beginning to settle in finally.

To shed light on one part of the boy's academic abilities- he was a good student who vehemently despised mathematics. He was good at written English but speaking it was still a daunting task. As Hindi was his choice of communication in Delhi, he had never spoken to anyone in English at length. Technologically too, the scene wasn't particularly good back then and the only English he learnt was the little he had learnt at school.

Soon, the boy stepped into a new school, made new friends and thus began a new chapter in his life. It was a day-school and the boy returned home in the evening. Coping in class was a difficult task for him. The teacher spoke in fluent English and the boy found it hard to comprehend everything. He was slow at grasping so much English at once. Result- he rarely took down notes and did not understand much of what was going on. Mathematics had never seemed more monstrous. The boy hated numbers, oh lord he did. He could not talk to anybody. It was an English medium school and talking in Hindi/Marathi was scoffed at by children.

Days went by and he discovered that 2 more like him in the classroom suffered from a similar problem. That of not being able to understand exactly what was going on due to poor English speaking and interpreting skills. Friendship was only natural as their struggle with English united them further. Enemy's enemy is an ally. The boy was like a Darsheel who had descended from "Taare Zameen Par" spending most of his time looking out of the window or the door, whichever he was closer to. Isolation had been accepted now.  That did not deter our 3 musketeers from talking. They talked in Hindi all day long. Classes went on and the boy finally lost interest in what was going on in the class. He was in a world of his own by now.

The unit tests were nearing and his mother stepped up to the occasion. She asked him what had been taught in class so far and he had absolutely no idea. "Nai malum mujhe", he uttered with extreme honesty. The curriculum was different from that in Delhi so he needed to work harder. His mother scrutinized his diary thoroughly to understand what had been done so far. She took up the challenge and taught him how much ever she could before the unit test. The boy memorized the answers without actually bothering too much about which question they belonged to. The unit tests arrived and the boy spread magic with his answers. He had forgotten which answer belonged to which question so he mixed answers at ease in every exam. Our little creative genius had outdone himself. Completely content with his exam paper, he always turned in the answer papers with a smile. Math exam was his undoing though. He did not smile that day. The numbers looked ominous and he did his best to solve what he could. He submitted the exam paper, albeit with a melancholy expression.

Exams were done. It was time to celebrate or was it? The teachers had evaluated the paper in only 2 days time and this called for a celebration of a totally different kind. The corrected answer sheets were distributed in class and the boy was aghast. He had done better than the other 2 musketeers though but mediocrity was not a choice he could settle for. He carefully hid the few papers he did not want to show to his mother into a notebook. He showed 2 papers to his mother and explained how he had messed up the question numbers in both the exams and secured less marks. The other papers were carefully hidden in a discreet location at home. A few days went by and a notification for a parent teacher meeting to discuss the ward's performance was sent home. Helpless, the boy showed all the answer sheets that very day to be scolded by both his parents alike for not showing them within time.

The day of the parent teachers' meeting arrived and he sat quietly in one corner of the car with neatly combed hair. Dressed for the kill. They reached the classroom and the first thing the teacher uttered after meeting his parents was "He's very shy. Very quiet. Doesn't interact with other children at all. There is no interaction with the teacher either. This will not help. Is he facing any difficulty with the language?". His father asked him rhetorically "You have a problem in speaking English?", knowing too well what the answer was. The boy kept listening to all that the teacher had to utter with red cheeks and red ears. No he wasn't blushing, it happened to him when he was embarrassed. He walked out of the class with his parents and his dad confronted him with all the anger. "English bolni nai ati kya thik se? Toh bola kyu nai mummy ko? Suna kya bola teacher ne? Agar English nai sikhi toh main is building se utha ke phek dunga agli baar" (The throwing from the building expression scared the hell out of the little boy. He knew, of course, that his dad would never do it but this wasn't the time to think). The boy simply nodded. They went home and this was the time the little boy seriously contemplated what he had to do to improve.

In the coming weeks, he showed amazing determination and learnt all that he could with the help of his mother. Speaking English fluently was still a concern but he was working on it. By the next Parent Teachers' meeting, he had shown fair progress leaving the teachers little to complain about.  Math scores were still abysmally low and this was something his father had learnt to live with. A few months down the line, the boy was now speaking in English, not so fluently though but he was getting there.

The boy never looked back since then. He went on to win essay writing competitions, wrote meaningful poetry, participated in public speaking and gave presentations. Ironically enough, he even gave a presentation on importance of English and Communications once, to his classmates. English was his nemesis and he did overcome it eventually. Surprisingly enough, the boy improved drastically at mathematics too and now enjoys the company of numbers. He never looked back ever since and the same boy is writing this article, smiling to himself at how much life has changed since then and thankful at the same time that he was never thrown down from that building. "Change is a good thing", he used to think and he still believes on the same lines :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Some things simply cannot be described,
In the abstruse words of our imagination

Some actions cannot be justified,
By the mere good deeds of our past

Behind the silver lining is always an unfathomable truth
A truth unintentionally left behind

For the one to ponder upon and look through the metaphors
And arrive at the juncture where I stand

I shall stand here holding a book
That contains all that ever was to be said

That particular page of the notebook that mattered
Was torn to shreds and burnt to ashes

The ashes lay on the ground infront of me
Like little stars that had fallen from the sky

The air swept away the remains of what was
And those ashes turned to oblivion

A chapter undisclosed rests right in the mind
At a place where it might always remain

If it shall be drained out ever
It may just bring some peace in vain

A long time from now when there shall be calm,
that chapter wouldn't matter like it used to do

Those words unspoken shall be rendered hollow,
And they may be left of no significance

But that won't change the words forgotten,
That shall remain in a discrete corner of the mind

The truth is all but right infront of your eyes
If only it could be felt interleaved within these lines

Peace. . 

Friday, April 27, 2012


A wandering mind set loose on its path as it may,
Wanders aboard timeless thoughts they say
It might reach the sky or the dark abyss
And yet they say I talk in riddles

When a mind full of thoughts is let loose
It's like a cross between a hippie and a recluse
 The facts are as clear as they are to be
And yet they say I talk in riddles

They say my thoughts are profound and meaningful
And then they say I complicate the usual
It's hard to grasp what they really intend to convey
And then they say I talk in riddles

People may believe the unbelievable,
They may trust in the blatantly untrustable
How untrustable could a person's ideals be?
And they still say I talk in riddles

Yet eventually, it's good not to be understood sometimes
Mysterious people have their own charm
Why let everything out in the open to the judgmental audience?
It's good to be surrounded by this world, wandering and confused!


Friday, April 6, 2012


I stood on the front lines with a passion in my heart
I stood to safeguard my motherland
I stood to safeguard my people
I stood so that the nation shall stand

We moved in huge numbers to places unknown
We moved into hostile regions
We moved until we completed our objectives
We moved sometimes for bigger reasons

I haven't seen my family for months
I haven't seen my fields and lands
I haven't see the place I call home
It is here that I shall stand

We climb mountains that are tall
We cross the raging cold rivers
We eat what we get sometimes
Surviving on the tiniest of slivers

We walk all day sometimes
We walk sometimes all night
We walk despite our legs giving away
But we never stopped in our fight

I shall fight till I'm alive
I shall fight for my nation's pride
I shall give it all I have in me
I shall take all victories and defeats in my stride

I may die one day fighting on the front lines,
My family might cry at the news
But my motherland shall be proud
Tell her I'm one of those lucky ones who made the sacrifice.

Though the nation may not worry about my demise
They sleep soundly, safe and secure
A soldier who died fighting for his nation,
It was my destiny perhaps!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We all love facebook and everything about it, don't we, now? The commenting on albums, the status updates, the likes on photos, etc, etc. What works for it is that people have an insight into everyone's life and all the good/bad things you do are duly noted. But with any thing good comes a shit load of crap too. There are always a few things that irritate you about anything good, unintentionally or not. Here are some of the things that irritate me most in particular-

1. The 'thanks for the tag' syndrome:

Or should I say 'thnxxxx fer da tag' syndrome! I never got this. Why do friends tag each other in random pictures in the first place? Not the pictures they are present in, that's acceptable but pictures of gardens, quotes, their own profile pictures, etc. And it's not like these pictures are scientific discoveries of any sort. These are pictures depicting sublime nonsense sometimes if not anything more meaningful than your 3 year old niece drawing a life sketch of you. And why do people thank someone for the tag? It's a mystery to me. Does it add to your bank balance? Give you more marks in exams? If it is courtesy that prompts people to thank the person for tag; sometimes even to her/his profile picture then I rest my case!

2. The profile picture 'like' syndrome:

How much this is prevalent. Everyone wants their profile pictures to be amazing. No matter how amazingly beautiful or strikingly unattractive one might be, the dp or display picture has to be one that might put Brad Pitt to shame! The buffer time is what kills a few people( I think everyone). Don't get it yet? Let me break it down. The time after setting a display picture and waiting for the picture to attain the expected amount of likes is called the buffer time(the lower the expectations, the better). Likes are a symbol of public approval(just like stamps in government offices, only more pleasing and fancy). The profile picture department is one area where the girls rule. Any picture posted may get an insane amount of likes in a few seconds(Guys don't fall back in holding their appreciation. Damn, I'm a guy, I'm approving ;) ) and a guy might yearn for the same support but girls aren't even close to the level of our support. Apart from these, there are some transformers(not the Magnetic flux ones {whaddup physics reference! Btw, I just made a sub-comment if you noticed} the ones like Optimus Prime) inhabiting facebook who post pictures of cars and bikes as their profile pictures! You may also find buildings, dogs, penguins and maybe a million twins of Megan Fox(don't know if that would be twins or mwins, you pick).

3.  Have People freakin' forgotten English?

Whenever I see a community page related to something Indian, let's take for example the Indian Cricket page, there seems to be this strange bread of Indians who have no idea how English is spoken or written for that fact. They write all kinds of non-sense and not one comment makes anynsense no matter how hard one might try to understand. Let me give you an instance- a few of my Indian brothers to celebrate England's 5-0 ODI series whitewash to India stepped on to the English Cricket Board page and wrote all kinds of nonsensical stuff which the English fans obviously didn't understand. To this the English could only say that these illiterate Indians have no other job in the world but to step onto others' pages and brag when their team wins. And to an extent, it did seem like an illiterate had got hold of the computer and typed a code even Robert Langdon would have had trouble deciphering. It was part hindi, part lingo, part abusive, part non-sense. What made me go beserk was the Indian fighting backing with all he had got and using some beautiful swear words implicating the mother-sister of that Englishman that he wouldn't understand in a 100 years to come. Result- *facepalm*

4. Your and You're paradox:

"Your dog is cute" and "You're dog is cute". If people see no difference in the two sentence, well the world is indeed going to end soon to put an end to this misery. You're=you are and your=something that belongs to you. This one makes me go bonkers sometimes. "Bro, your lukn kewl". For once ignore the 'kewl' and look at 'your'. Who taught this guy English, anyway? To re-quote one thing I remember saying-"People should know the difference between your and you're and if you don't know then 'your mad' ". Hope people recall what was taught to them in the primary school or secondary school or learn it for God's sake.

5. The mis-spelt disasters:
There are a few words that shouldn't be messed up. Take for instance cool. It's such a cool 4 letter word in itself. I do not know how much cooler it makes a person to write kewl or kool or cul or wait, is there more to it?? Call a spade a spade, not a spyde or spude. Similar concept. Typos irritate the bejesus out of me. One more word here is 'come'. It is used alternatively as 'cum' and what made me go mad with laughter was this one comment I read somewhere. The comment is self-explanatory. If you still don't follow 'cum' to me, I'll teach you :P.
Here it is- 'cum fast, I've already cum'

Some other random stuff people do that's irritatingly funny-

·         I don't give a shit but I shall wish thou on your birthday
·         I do not know you but I shall add you cuz you're pretty n I'm kewl(kewl with a k).
·         I've had an accident and I shall post pics to show what a hotshot I am.
·         I had a heart break and I shall only post heart-broken songs and statuses.
·         We are in love and we shall show the world, facebook is our world.
·        God gave me a pretty face and people liked and agreed.
·        I shall dedicate a status to the utmost bullshit I did today and expect people to appreciate it.

Well, I might sound like a sick hypocrite right now but I too fall in the top categories somewhere. Reason being- I'm a human who dwells enough on facebook to do a lot of the crap stated above. The above observations have been a result of all the time I've wasted and my extremely inquisitive and contemplative nature when it comes to human psychology. No offence intended to anyone, I come in Peace. Mind your ways before anyone points out and if I do tag you, do "thankkkk me ferrr the taggg", and then again No offence there :P.


Monday, March 12, 2012


There was India and then there were dire straits, And along came this lad
Riding on the stroke of genius did he play, he drove the bowlers mad

He willowed all he saw, Cut his bat through the breeze
Relentless as he was always, he always ruled the crease

His team mates called him Jammy, the world called him the wall
Not a word could anyone have against him, He still stands mighty tall

He walked the team to victory in countless number of games
Dependable was his synonym, such was his fame

A great ambassador, infinitely humble and dignified
For a lot of people who've seen him bat, he was patience personified

One man who moved the masses with his style
Witty as he always was, he answered criticism back with a smile

Playing in the shadows of legendary contemporaries as he did but still standing out
Was one of those reasons why you could praise him aloud

He still hasn't got his due from India cricket, deserves a world more
He was the one who held the team together on India soil yet foreign shores

The man is a legend, he played for a 100 years more, how I wished!
Yet he came, he saw, he conquered, Mr. Dravid, you will always be missed!

Peace. .

Monday, February 6, 2012


"Never miss a good fight", I had read. Catch hold of a coke, pop corn and sit there comfortably enjoying the tussle. In fact there was this ad on TV that showed two policemen who enjoyed watching two people on the road fighting it out over a car accident and the senior policemen standing there and instructing his junior to just let it be while sipping a coke like he was at peace with the world. So yeah, coming back to reality, this was just one of those days when I was late for my CAT class( FYI I'm always late due to some reason).

CAT class was merely 4 odd kms away from home, a matter of about 10-15 minutes but the traffic just seems to bloody multiply when you're late and it did just that on that day. So I got into this bus numbered 49M which would get me at least till clock tower and leave me to walk another half km. The bus looked relatively full and I had no time to think of another one so in I went without another thought. Now, this happens to me every time I enter an overcrowded bus that I promise myself never to enter a crowded bus again and I renewed my vows. If one got down, 5 got on board the bus. I stood with all my weight on one foot and the conductor squeezed me like a lemon whenever he passed by. I paid for the tickets and the conductor very smartly wrote 6 behind my ticket because I dint tend the exact change and I cringed(forgot to take a good amount of money from a conductor once in another crowded bus, yet another story). This was his tactics to earn some more, as when the stop came, he'd disappear somewhere ahead as he did eventually, more on that in the end.  

I looked at the watch, it read 5.52.. And I was still a long way from class so I knew I was late and had given up on reaching on time. Meanwhile, I heard some commotion towards the exit gate. Two people were shouting it out at the end and I tried to concentrate on what they were arguing about. And as it so naturally happens, suddenly every soul in the bus went quiet and all the gazes turned automatically towards the exit gates. Now I'd have been disinterested if the argument was in telugu but hindi was their mode of conversation so I was all ears. Apparently, one of the two was blocking the exit and the other got annoyed and leaving behind common sense and decency , the matter was blown out of proportion with the two people shouting at the top of their voices.

What followed would have made anybody's ears bleed. They hurled swears at each other at such a rapid pace, each person improvising and creating new ones as they spoke. What was more interesting to watch were their declarations in between, one of them saying "Main UP ka hun, teri maa behen. . . " what followed was something he'd do to his mother/sisters and the other guy replied in kind "Tu UP ka hai toh main Hyderabadi hu, teri . . . . ", this time involving a body part of his which he'd blast. They kept the show going and the people in the bus looked at them animatedly with a huge grin, like they'd paid for the show. The Hyderabadi got down the bus at the Paradise stop, still arguing. The Hyderabadi challenged the northie saying "Mard hai toh utar aur lad mere sath" to which northie had no response. He blankly added "Time nai hai mere pass" to which the Hyderabadi declared "bas baat karna ata hai tujhe ch*****" . No points for guessing the edited lot. The bus moved ahead slowly and the northie was still quiet. The murmurs in the bus were restored, all discussing and probably debating to who had won. I looked at my watch again, it had been 7 entertaining minutes of swears, slurs and some not so pleasant remarks. The Hyderabadi had won the battle of words(being from the north and seeing the extent of fights there, I was disappointed with the northie) and it would be interesting as to who would have won the physical battle, both looked weak and scrawny. The bus reached clock tower and the conductor had disappeared without giving me back the change, quite understandably. I got down, looked at the ticket one last time, made a ball of it and threw it away.

I dint think about the change that very day, I'd got my money's worth.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Looking outside the window,
I saw two tracks that seemed to go on forever
They looked at one another with distant familiarity
Yet that feeling of uncanny knowingness struck their hearts

They went on and on parallel to one another
Staring at each other day and night
A growing sense of knowing each other beckoned them close
And they knew eventually, that all would be right

Going on playfully with childlike frivolty
They arched, they bent, they fell, they rose
Yet they knew in their lonely hearts
That their story would make a lovely prose

They woke up one morning realizing they had diverged
Looking far across the horizon but to no avail
They had been separated, caught unaware
And it was just sadness that prevailed

Hope is what kept them going
That one fine day they would reunite
That one day they would meet and rejoice
And all would still eventually be right.

They looked everyday at the setting sun with hope depreciating
At not being next to one another once again
Wishing that time would turn back and they would be together again
If only how they'd been, so close yet so very far!