Friday, November 20, 2009


(Inspired by Eminem)
-Sahil K
What da hell do we want in life?
Struggle? Turf? Power? Wealth or pride?

Do we need power inducing pelf?
Causing disturbances and confusing ourselves!

Confused and driven to da point frm where theres no turning bak!
When feelings go immaterial All da strangle things are “dope” n “whack”!

Is dis what life denotes? Is dis wat our existence means?
Though this world is complacent, the fire in my heart weans!

We are so bloody fascinated abt what is cool!
Looks like we are all like minded fools!

Many say “I AM WHO I AM”, “BE URSELF” and other great things
To all dis, Who da hell is really following??

People think saying da word Fuck a 100 times makes them cool!
God bless ‘em, they’re ill, they are da biggest swearing fools!

Masks, fake smiles and tailor made attitudes for da occasion!
Anything to pretend cool, to quench that yearning sensation!

I tell u, it ain’t abt really showing that u’re cool or not
Its abt losing urself, giving it al u’ve got in 1 single shot!

It ain’t abt da gizmos, da ipods, da Xboxes or da play stations,
Its abt bringing to da fore, ur ideas and imagination!

It ain’t abt da lingo, speech or swears
It’s all abt u and how u care!

It ain’t abt da pubs, girls, bikes or cars!
Its abt overcoming ur inner demons and scars

Many may hate me or criticize what I say!
But they all know it’s true all da way

When will da world grow out of such obsessions?
I check my answer in my deepest of imaginations!



Vishnu Priya said...

cool!!...i totally agree! be honest i've been really inspired by ur n my sis blog..n i've been thinking abt starting 1 myself...n my very first subject was d few ppl think being rude and doing all d wrong stuff makes u cool..n i totally agree that they're doing nothing but just making a fool out of themselves....gr8 poem...keep up the gud work!

SHRUTI said...

nice wrk...appreciable effort..keep going!

Sahil K said...

Thanks a lot both!!!

shravya said... was as apt as apt can be....i totally agree with u..cause i've come across many such ppl in my coll....they really live in a world of misconceptions...well worded...nice work!!

Sahil K said...

Thanks Sravi..Coming frm u..I consider it to be a real encouragement! :)

Abha said...

It's not just a nice poem but also a worthy thought... When the confusion, the craving for popularity and lack of maturity meet in a person they are bound to lead him to a wrong direction... Indeed a well written piece.. I think what Shravya told me abt your blog was totally true.

Sahil K said...

Thanks a lot Abha... :)..Really love you Shravya...U are spreading my blog. :)..Thats really sweet!!!