Saturday, August 24, 2013


The Board Rooms were gloomy, some people were sad
Projects were pending, deadlines drove them mad

Blood shot eyes stared at papers, to find the trace of a solution
What should have been routine added to their own confusion

So man prayed for an elixir, one that would broaden his frequency
A potion that would  the set right, the worst of inefficiencies

God finally thought about the issue, concerned about his children
And created a plant in the finest of his gardens

Coffee is what that beloved plant was fondly named
It was like coffee had the laws of optimization re-framed

For some it opened eyes when they walked through the office doors
For some it lent the sheer courage to learn and explore

For some it relieved stress after a day's activity.
For some the sugar rush surged the channel of creativity

Some preferred it cold, some preferred it hot
The bunch of Coffee drunks, meanwhile, was a happy lot

Some had a cup, some had two, while it seemed like some shot for records
To some, the mere idea of drinking coffee was plain awkward

Some just drank it so they could have a (long) pause
For some, the world without it seemed like a lost cause

Content with his creation, God blessed the plant
And then he made penguins, Hyenas and fire ant.

It was a day when the divine magic unfurled
When God finally said,"Let there be coffee in this world".

Peace :)