Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip to Warangal-da story of da DD

First trip widout parents!!! :)

My AIEEE counselling was as dismal as ever..So der was no point sticking around for another session waiting for da draft to come home..SO me and my friend Srikanth(A great frnd,, n a greater genious) set out for Warangal(NIT) to get our DD's aventure for us widout parents!![Warangal is 150 odd kms from my home..precisely..saw on google earth..hehe].. I was happy I was wid Kanta(his nickname), this guy has gud knowldg abt travelling n all..Kanta had done da reservation for a train.. so we set out in da mrng.. intercity express from sec'bd station
we actually had a gud time chatting n very soon we were at Kazipet station..I just realised dat I was missing something..Oh mom wasnt shouting at me...We were without our parents so der was an extra sense of freedom!! We came out of da station n tuk an auto to NIT-WARANGAL.. we reached, went to da NIT authorities which made us wait a gud 2 hours before dey just tuk our forms for cancellation of our candidature..They said 1 more hour n we would get our DD back..Damn them weirdos(though I used better words dere..not my fault I was angry!)
We were both very hungry..Kanta dint have breakfast n I had just a sandwich n some juice..We set out to find a restaurant..On da way we had AMUL ice-cream, an ice-cream shop in da NIT campus,probably da only saving grace there..We then went to NIT-CANTEEN..da board was so promised some goodies but inside was dismal!! Same old Andhra meals..Kanta refused immidiately..I was practically ready for anythng..We walked all da way outside da campus n we went inside a restaurant(name I dont remmbr, we ain't even advertising here)..We had too much the time we wer finishd both of us wer luking at each other n laughing..I gave Kanta competition for food(man this was an achievmnt considering how much Kanta eats).. As we finished we set out to NIT back(was a very long walk, heavy lunch, da soaring sun but even then a lot of fun) n somehow after 5 hours since we had come to Warangal..we got what we came for..da 24000 DD, lovely!! We wer richer by 24k rs or at least we felt so..okay we wr heading back for hyd.da best part is abt to begin! Hold ur breath we go!
We barely reached da station in time(2.45 pm) just to take da general tickets(bus wud take 3 n a half hours.. n train jus 2hrs or at least we thought so)..We ran towards da platform as if we missed dis train we wud have had to wait for an hour..uncalled for..we boarded Howrah express or sm train(dnt wanna recall also)..We had to go to da general compartments so we ascnded what lukd like da most unusual compartment I had ever seen..There wer at least 7-8 ppl occupyin each space was wasted..ppl sat wherevr dey wanted,,they slept wherevr they likd(oh ya remmbr dis guy-slept on da rails whr all da luggages wer supposed to be kept but this was general so expect no less)..we had barely enof place to stand..we somehow da compartment wer very poor ppl..some widout shirts(it was hot,dont blame dem)..No1 behaved decently..no1 in da compartment expectd each oder to..Walking just 1 mtr was a draining task, u hit almost every1 on da way..It was smelly to say da least..I lukd at Kanta, Kanta lukd at me..we both wer helpless,, we had to spend 2 hours dere, n ya by nw I was pukish n puking here wud be hell..dere was no space to even puke..n no space to even run to da "remains of a wash-basin"..So I held....had Kanta for company so I survived..alone wud be hellish!!We kept luking at our watches but time had frozen still but somehow after 2 long harrowing hours we expected to reach Sec'bd station but where in da heck was it?? Some1 said we wud reach at 6 or 7..Damn hell..that was like 1 or 2 hours more in dis lovely Howrah express..We thgt he was kidding but he wasnt!! We waited n waited n agn waited..Somehow at arnd 6 we finally reached station where from we set out for our homes..Da trip actually prepared me for da worst..I thank Mr. Srikanth(kanta) for fully supporting me during da journey..without whom this journey wud not be possible... n my mommy daddy for allowing me..SAHIL's DAY OUT!!!

WEll these r da memories dat u luk at now n smile..This is 1 memory dat I'll remmbr for da rest of my life!! Luv u Kanta buddy!! take care!!


ronack said...

surely a diff exp...lux lik u ve njoyed a lot.;)

.nd ppl hu r readin sahils blog are also welcomed 2 chk mine out [no offence]jus publicin ma blog :D

Sahil K said...

Yeah Ron, its okay..u can publicise..u know I wont mind anyways!!