Sunday, January 22, 2012


Looking outside the window,
I saw two tracks that seemed to go on forever
They looked at one another with distant familiarity
Yet that feeling of uncanny knowingness struck their hearts

They went on and on parallel to one another
Staring at each other day and night
A growing sense of knowing each other beckoned them close
And they knew eventually, that all would be right

Going on playfully with childlike frivolty
They arched, they bent, they fell, they rose
Yet they knew in their lonely hearts
That their story would make a lovely prose

They woke up one morning realizing they had diverged
Looking far across the horizon but to no avail
They had been separated, caught unaware
And it was just sadness that prevailed

Hope is what kept them going
That one fine day they would reunite
That one day they would meet and rejoice
And all would still eventually be right.

They looked everyday at the setting sun with hope depreciating
At not being next to one another once again
Wishing that time would turn back and they would be together again
If only how they'd been, so close yet so very far!



vinay said...

nice one dude!hope they(whom you mentioned in the poem) reunite and rejoice again...// If only how they'd been, so close yet so very far!// classy line..loved it!

Sahil Kaul said...

Let destiny decide on that one! And thanks for the comment!

Ratna said...

Distances don't matter to the heart. People who are meant to be together, will be; even when miles apart :)

Sahil Kaul said...

Point taken! True that :)