Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Some things simply cannot be described,
In the abstruse words of our imagination

Some actions cannot be justified,
By the mere good deeds of our past

Behind the silver lining is always an unfathomable truth
A truth unintentionally left behind

For the one to ponder upon and look through the metaphors
And arrive at the juncture where I stand

I shall stand here holding a book
That contains all that ever was to be said

That particular page of the notebook that mattered
Was torn to shreds and burnt to ashes

The ashes lay on the ground infront of me
Like little stars that had fallen from the sky

The air swept away the remains of what was
And those ashes turned to oblivion

A chapter undisclosed rests right in the mind
At a place where it might always remain

If it shall be drained out ever
It may just bring some peace in vain

A long time from now when there shall be calm,
that chapter wouldn't matter like it used to do

Those words unspoken shall be rendered hollow,
And they may be left of no significance

But that won't change the words forgotten,
That shall remain in a discrete corner of the mind

The truth is all but right infront of your eyes
If only it could be felt interleaved within these lines

Peace. . 


kruthi gandham said...

nice one sahil!

Sahil Kaul said...

Merci madam!!

EquilibriuM said...

Good Read.Beautifully articulated emotions!

Sahil Kaul said...

Thanks Prasad :)

Bhavani K said...

Wow..that poem is something i'm going to share!!

Loved the "truth unintentionally left behind" line. was so beautiful. (:

Sahil Kaul said...

A lot of truth actually went into writing that line!! Glad you liked it! :D