Wednesday, December 19, 2012


How often has it happened that you sit with such unending anger at the day to day happenings and you feel you can't take charge and do something about it. I would state it publicly, if I were to meet the people who were responsible for the gang-rape of the poor Delhi girl, I'd kill them with my bare hands. Reading about the crime, even imagining what those monsters did fills me up with utter contempt. Have we come to be a part of such a society? Is this even a society? And even more appalling are the things said by the Delhi police blaming the girl for the rape. According to them, if you lure a man by wearing revealing clothes, you were responsible for the crime. So the man goes scot free? It's not his fault, he's a rape machine ready to lay his hands on any girl who wears revealing clothes on the road! I don't think it is the dress that decides or prompts a man to carry such an inhuman action. And these are the words of our protectors. To put some logic into this man's head, it is Delhi we're talking of. The winter is chilling, a woman cannot wear revealing clothes even if she wanted to. Trying to refute his logic, I feel like a child stooping to his level of stupidity. A woman is to be blamed! Wow sir, you are more narrow minded than a person living in the dark ages who still might have better cognitive functioning.(Read more:

The demand for capital punishment would set an example that would deter men from turning into monster but are we really addressing the problem that way? We live in a patriarchal society, it's a man's world. No amounts of feminist explanations can change the view I have. It's not something I'm proud of one bit but to an extent, inside everyone knows the harsh reality and I've seen and heard things that more than confirm this. A woman once stigmatized cannot lead a happy life in our society as I've observed. A man who goes around living on his whims may be categorized as "straying from his path" but a women doing the same would certainly be called "wrong", "characterless", and other things I'd not like to mention. With this in mind, the girl works hard to earn a name, to settle into a home and lead a happy life with her partner but one incident can change your life forever. For that poor Delhi girl, that was that very unfortunate instant. Narrating the experience would make any person shocked with horror. Where does that leave us? Should a woman not go out at all? Should she abandon her dreams and sit at home, she might not even be safe at home for that fact. ( Of late there have been a million suggestions that have been made to try these culprits, some of them are as follows:

-Capital Punishment
-Life imprisonment
-Castration(physical or chemical)

Capital punishment is a very difficult proposition. The world is moving away from the concept with India as one of the few places where it still occurs. Pratibha Patil in her term pardoned 30 rapists and some of these were highly volatile cases, some of them just inexplicably horrible. The rapists aren't scared because they know that the public furore will die in some time but the case will elongate beyond that. Days ago, the case of Sonali Mukherji caught steam and the public demanded action against the accused. Anyone remotely even has the case in mind now? Public furore over one particular is a temporary phenomenon, Anna Hazare, Arushi murder case, Ajmal Kasab's hanging; all these issues lie in the minds of the people for as long as the media endorses them but even they know that we have a short lived memory of such cases. A very hard but true fact.

The Chemical Castration maybe a very fitting punishment. Castrate them and let them live on to be reminded every day of the crime they committed. But even this would draw the ire of the Human Rights as inhuman despite the inhuman actions of the perpetrators themselves. This may not be a viable solution as it is referred to as 'inhuman' by Amnesty international (Read more why here: The convicts may at maximum be sentenced to life imprisonment. Any method of torture that people said should be carried out may never happen. The government are a civilized bunch of people or at least they'd say so. The punishment is not the only thing to deter such heinous crimes.

What we really need is fast track courts that can sentence the convicts on hard proof, better security at night with vigilant police protection in isolated areas. Strict punishments for eve teasing and crimes that involve misbehavior with women. Spreading awareness about the laws that protect women.( Read here: The men who are educated and know their boundaries will not carry such a crime. The chances are very slim that such a thing occurs. An uneducated man who has not had an idea of right or wrong may do the wrong thing. The chances are very high. Impart education in schools, we're a country who pray to Godesses. We call our country "Bharat mata" and yet this is the irony of the situation. Allow anonymity of the victim(As per U/s 228A of Indian Penal Code) and punish the criminals. Do not let them go charge free. This behaviour only encourages. The situation is sad as long as it occurs with someone else. It is disastrous if it happens to someone you know.

We have our sisters, friends, daughters who travel to school, work and parties. With no fear of being caught, the cases have proliferated.. Demand punishment for the accused. Educate the coming generations to respect women. Let the anger sustain. Let it not die. This madness has to end. It just has to!


Soumabha Roy Chaudhuri said...

It is hard to sustain the anger as with such a huge deal of news coming in everyday, it is hard to focus on anything specific.

Don't get me wrong we have to punish these criminals though. Castration is the best as you suggested, if you can't control your junk you should keep it locked in the trunk...

Honestly there should also be more education given to the youngsters and maybe the girls about "What to do when rapists/molesters/eve-teasers chase you?"

Sahil Kaul said...

I agree. It is hard to sustain the anger. There were two case even yest. The girl has died. As saddening as it is. There will be anger. The anger will last longer now.

Castration is not helpful entirely. There have been relapses back to the previous states. But may provide a solution if these men were to be released back into the society which I hope against hope, never happens!

Education is the savior in all cases, be it crime, be it war. An educated man can earn a living, know how to draw boundaries, know his limits. I hope at least the coming generation is brought up that way.

Thanks for the comment. I do agree with your views!