Friday, August 24, 2012


A new sun rose at the offset of another dusk
The one that set had enchanted the soul

The tree had been subjugated in captivity
Beset by troubles from all ends, the tree lay aggrieved

The tree had once been a mere sapling
Aspiring and avowing to grow into a big green tree

The dream hadn't been one which came along easy,
And the tree was lured by the other trees in the vicinity

They told him emblazoned tales of the sky high up above
The scented wind that swept past them satiating the innermost desires

The tree was just beginning to stand on its feet
When the hell broke loose and the rain unleashed its wrath

The tree struggled but with valour it fought,
The tree had trudged through somehow

But the battle had only just began,
When the sun unleashed its fury on the horizon

Bereft of all sanity, the tree languished as days went on
Beleaguered he stood on all sides there were

The tree stood still and never lost hope,
That one day he'd win, he'd grow high and tall

The tree grew slowly but surely, it strived hard to do so
Against all odds, he had to believe and he did

When one day he noticed that he'd grown tall,
The horizon sure looked beautiful from the top

He could feel the scented breeze flowing by,
The birds to him seemed to be celebrating his joy

This is when he plundered in deep contemplation,
At how he had failed to realize he was growing

He had overlooked all just to make it through,
He had hoped against all hope to survive

The sun seemed to smile at him now,
The rain just ignited the spirits inside

What he finally realized put him at peace,
That the sun and the rain had never meant to hurt

They only meant to make him strong and unbreakable,
The dawn had never looked more beautiful



Anonymous said...

once again.. __/\__

Sahil Kaul said...

:D Thanks Aryan :)