Sunday, February 28, 2010


                     MY DAY

                                             -SAHIL K

The window opens and the day breaks in,
Ruffling hair, rubbing eyes, streaching hands and an occasional spin.

The day has far more yet to offer
But I’m sleepy, sleep is like an indespensible buffer.

I have to perceive the inevitable rays of the sun,
Yet the flummeries of the day have long begun.

To nature, I give no thought, I just go abt my chores,
The quirks go on as the day soars.

The monotony of things strikes, so does the mundane word,
It keeps twitching inside me like a swirl.

As the day goes by, the more morose I get,
Seeing the congenial expressions and astonishing masks, I fret.

It seems like a crevasse is seeping into me,
Crestfallen I look for a confounded place to be

Where have the days of joy and frivolous Laughter gone?
When ppl spoke in loving and a credulous tone.

The evocative thoughts throng my mind,
Looks like happiness and peace has been expunged from humankind.

Human is fallible, he does makes mistakes,
But he ain’t bothered today abt what’s at stake.

I exait the ppl who are aware,
Who worry forthis world, who truly care.

Not like the purblind souls who live misbegotten lives,
Not an attempt for do they even strive

What will happen to life? The unimaginable recluse
What we want in life is eventually for us to choose.

The day sets out this veritable truth that stinks,
Like an imprecation was set on life, my worried soul thinks.

                                            . . . . . . . . .Peace!


Abha said...

Amazing one, Sahil... Must admit my vocabulary was not good enough to understand each line though..!!

Sahil K said...

lol..No problem..U can always learn new words! :)..Thanku!