Saturday, February 20, 2010




1. You make elaborate timetables and plans to study but the only thing u forget to do is to start.

2. When 3-4 hours of sleep is considered to be good for health(provided u even get that much)

3. When the ‘f’ word dominates ur mouth whenever u get an assignment.

4. When ‘GOD’ becomes an indispensable source of help during time of the exams and u don’t even know or care who he is otherwise.

5. When u walk into the class and wonder “Damn, whoz dis guy teaching?? I’ve never see him before!!”

6. When u learn to say “present sir” in at least 10 different voices.

7. When u aren’t considered human if u haven’t slept once in class.

8. When u take dis note as yet another assignment and must already being feeling bored!

9. When library is used to check out grls rather than check books.

10. When u luk at a girl and all kinds of permutations and combinations and probability equations start running in ur mind, analyzing ur chances with her

11. When u want to kill the prof when he says in an excited voice “EXTRA CLASS TMRO"

12. When u are surrounded by loads of books and the only things u wish to read are novels and comics.

13. When u always think to urself that “ab next exams se pehle har din padhunga” but wait for the next exam to come and fr u to repeat the same FALSE promises to urself!

14. When night-outs are da ultimate last ditch survival tactics(assignments, exams, notes,etc..they cover a wide variety)

15. When u wake up at 10 am and sleep again realizing its still early morning.

16. When the most imp. Discussions in class are “Why India lost the match the da before or What Katrina Kaif would be wearing next day.”

17. When u practically get prepared to digest anything in the world after having the inedible hostel food.

18. When u feel that the girls/guys in other colleges are way better than girls/guys in ur college.

19. When ur main concern for coming to college is to give a pendrive or movie cd to ur frnd.

20. . When u are a successful leader only if u can initiate successful mass bunks.

21. When more movies are circulated in the class rather than assignments.

22. When after exam u realize in the post-mortem “Yaar ye kausa question hai?? Ye toh mainey likha hi nai !!”

23. When u have tons of assignments to submit and all you do is listen to music

24. When late-maths assignments are being completed in the last benches of physics lectures

25. When ppl sit in the first benches only to improve their studious appeal in the eyes of the teacher when they actually don’t give a damn abt studies

26. When after the sems, the geeks run to the library to issue books fr next sem and ppl like me run to the malls or ultiplexes to njoy!!

27. When the real deadline for assignments is at least 2 weeks after the actual deadline.

28. When u don’t know whoz pen is in ur hand, or whoz pencil u are using.

29. When a C.S. engineer only thinks about making programs to reach the heart of the person he/she loves.

30. When a Civil engineer would love to make a high-rise building and love to push the principal from the top.

31. When u read the above n realize it has all happened with u n say “Yes I do dat and I’m proud”..


/*u are free to add any more points*/

-Sahil K.. lots of hard work!!! Phew


Vishnu Priya said...

whoa!....gud job!....i totally agree!(except pt 9 and 10 ;)) totally an engineer :D...

shravya said...

LOL that was hilarious and soooo true!
seriously...we do rock!!!

Sahil K said...

@Priya-Well I guess u don't know a guy's psychology..I don't do it..I've heard and seen ppl do it so the points!
@Shravya-Yes we do!!!