Friday, March 26, 2010


Ever wondered who you are ? Why are u in this world ? What was the mere purpose of you being born? Why are u facing these troubles? Why the pain? Why the conditions? If you are seeking an answer, I fail to deliver cuz I'm myself in this jeopardy! Why did I come hustling to this world??? I try to find the answer but it seems like a puzzle waiting to discovered but never is!!

Well basically I'm not one of those inexplicably charming of people that people are suddenly attracted to me, but then I ain't that unseemingly ugly too. I'm not the coolest of company but then I ain't that bad either! I'm not the most kind-hearted of ppl, I will not sell myself out to feed the poor, but then I'm not that unkind..I'd give him something to eat if I have smthng with me! I'm selfish when it comes to me, maybe not as selfish as ppl might make it seem but at a certain level I am, the world is like that so I have my guard up! But then if given the chance, I do go out of the line to help people. Why do I do this? Does it make a difference to any1 if I suddenly perish from the face of this earth?? Maybe! Maybe not! Will any1 bother to look out for me?

Finally after thinking on these lines i realise that I don't love every1 in this world so I don't expect every1 to love me back but if 1 day u say to me that "Hey.. you made a difference in my life" I don't mind if its a small one also! That'd make me glad..

We, as people won't be remebered, the only things we will be remembered for are our actions, so what we require to do is to make a difference...Well , eventually This is my small way of doing it and thats maybe one of the things I was supposed to do in the first place! So I'm doing it and I'm proud!

 ... ... .. .. Peace! :)

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