Monday, May 17, 2010


Posting it very very late..written by me a few years ago!

The Mumbai blasts triggered my nerve cells
I went gasping for breath saying WHAT DA HELL??

The faces once happy were as sad as they could get,
It was a sight I would rather try to forget.

People were lying motionless on da floors,
Seemed like these terrorists have got no bloody chore!!

I sat glued to da T.V. all da time
It was sad to see the scenes of the horrific crime!

I din’t know whether to laugh at da misery or cry at da loss?
People were killed without a cause!

What a security lapse it had been,
To let dose dreaded terrorists in!

Families cried, families sobbed and frndz broke down,
At the fact that their dears would never again be found

The blasts have angered me well from within,
I feel lucky to survive each day since then!

I think twice wthr to go out or not,
Safety is out of question, fills me with horrifying thoughts

Why do these terrorists kill innocents
They do not know what da loss meant!

They rejoice da killings, dey’re actually proud!
Wonder which religion advertises killings, dey shld shun themslvs aloud

I’ll shoot 1 if given a chance
Cant take anymore to da govt’s dance!

They should hang themselves for what They’ve done,
But the real phase of terrorism has only just begun.

Earlier I reacted to attacks with a startled “WHEN, WHERE & HOW??”
These attacks fail to bother me now!

This is what has come to each one of us!
Why have we accepted terrorism widout a fuss?

We tend to make a fuss abt small things,
Arent we bothered abt what our country is doing???

But who does 1 turn to?
Each one is equally unsafe what does 1 do?

The govt. is only interested in bloodsucking money
Some politicians even think the situation is funny!

I wished da terrorists had rather attacked them
I wud have atleast felt happy from within!

The situation is far from funny
And theres more to it that da provided relief money!

We need to be aware from now!
The question is how?

To remove terrorism let us join hands
To remove dis malice from our homeland.

The system we are in sux to da core
Problems have to be brought to the fore

If we don’t do anything now..da situation wil go out of hand
Think now or forever risk out homeland!!!!




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