Monday, March 6, 2017


Bustling with energy in a small corner of mindfulness
holding on to the sliver of truth, seething with rage
staring into nothingness with sheer disinterest towards anything
with the mind trapped in the confines of a cage

Thoughts of a world that could be reality
of sweet goodbyes, happy endings and endless care
deep forgotten longings have resurfaced again
seems like a distant feeling from the past, far too familiar

Stuck in a disarray of my own principles and morals
a deep concoction of my own perils served on an emphatic platter
any movement - forward or backwards is lined with dire consequences
I stand here on the edge of conscience unwilling to plunge

When the friendly is misconstrued, when the convivial is misjudged
when the trusted is mistrusted, when the benign is mistaken
the tall shards of glass come tumbling down on the bedrock of reality
when your fundamental idea of integrity is bruised and shaken

The mind still yearns for moments that will never exist
Unwittingly searching for answers to deep questions where they do not lie
Unable to do either, the mind unwillingly submits to the dark unknown
Plagued by mild anti-social escapist tendencies that stupefy

Wonder if it could all have been unthinkably remarkable,
had things gone right in an ideal world, free from any distortions
but is this life just a figment of my creative imagination?
what if we are all just tiny pods glorifying the liabilities of our mere existence?

. . . Peace!


Rahul Kaul said...

Nicely written, keep it up with your writting.

Sahil Kaul said...

Thank you, Shimpy! :). Intend to spend more time writing from now on!

dpirsm said...

undisclosed angst..