Thursday, October 30, 2014


I sometimes marvel at the state of this world we live in
How despite all that could happen, things move on
How we, as people, evolve as we progress
How some are lured by extremities while some remain modest in approach.

Some walk the path of godliness and live in their world of make believe 
While some walk a path so downtrodden, they would make a devil smirk in delight
Some walk the path in the center swaying this way or that
A dichotomy of uncertainties dwells deep within them,

What made them walk these paths, I wondered,
Power, money, freedom and on went the prompt replies
Was it a moral thing to be consumed by these yearning?
Did ends necessarily justify the means?

Why we as a people had moved away from ideas of rationalism?
Why had crude materialism taken over our very being?
Each one seemed to move through this clutter without an indwelling sense of curiosity
Conformity would eventually be the price we pay for humanity

Was it possible to unlearn these years we had learnt wearing masks?
An art so mastered that turning back seemed like giving up on living itself
Was it somehow possible to give up this bloodlust for vices and progress forward?
Was there a future out there that would not encompass strife?

If only this world moved away from petty politics over trivialities,
Feuds over material possessions, lust for power and position
What if it rather moved towards the novel idea of free thinking,
The practice of self-development, the idea of peace, the religion of humanity

If only this world spoke the language of love
Unbounded by chains that hold us so far from each other
The good that we do may come back to us one day
And restore the balance that we so dearly need.

The mere habit of learning something new from each other every day wouldn't hurt,
Nor would the simple act of doing a good deed
How that place, in thought, is so simple to see
What a remarkably better place this world could be!

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