Sunday, September 15, 2013


Streams of thoughts go astray into the wilderness of the mind,
Putting to rest the ill thoughts of redemption behind,

A soldier fights on the frontlines,
A matter of honour in a land disheveled with battle cries.

Thoughts of the past wash down any anxieties he had,
That faint caress of his mother, the sturdy words of his dad,

The memory of his love, the joyful screams of his daughter,
The friends of his past, the incessant fun and the carefree laughter.

The futility of warfare strikes him while he strikes the enemies down,
How ironic, he thinks, lives of many for one infamous symbolic crown.

How the words of a few duplicitous men had led them to this disaster,
Not a life would matter in the days that followed hereafter.

He moves with steady feet albeit a heavy heart,
For the thought that at any moment, life may depart,

The battle was now almost over, victory was in sight,
At the cost of so many lives, he thought, something didn't seem right.

He lunged forward to deliver the kill to one of the last ones,
But stopped short in his strike, beginning to realize what he had done,

What he saw was the image of a child shivering with fear,
Holding his armour close, he knew death was near.

The rift in the soldiers mind turned into a raging storm,
The soldier for once felt uncertain about the task he performed,

No words of honour would bring back the lives that were lost,
Victory was distasteful if it had come at such a cost.

Uncertain about what to do, he dropped down to the ground,
Kneeled to the gods with the wisdom he had found,

He let the boy live with all the generosity in his heart,
Feeling he'd known it all along, there is order in chaos, just a look away.


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