Monday, August 8, 2011


Lonely nights and dark clouds,
Flimsy glass sparkled with rain drops,
Holding to yourself you lay alight,
There is someone who thinks within.

The pain you feel is not yours alone,
The eyes aren't as expressive as they used to be,
You lay submissive with a broken heart,
And someone breaks from inside into a thousand more pieces.

The rain lashes the far fields,
The lightning frays its wrath aloud,
The broken pieces are now beginning to hurt,
And someone dies from within along.

The mountains beyond speak of an evil wind,
One that swept away its only love,
The clouds have thus moved far beyond the horizon,
And someone sheds ironical tears.

You lay afloat this heap of misery,
Brought upon by unfortunate misapprehensions,
You try to battle your mind in conquest,
And someone battles for you.

You wish the agony would for once subside,
And lead to peace in mind and soul,
That the anxiety would just disappear,
And someone prays these things come true.

Someone loves the tricke of your seamless joy being your knight in armour,
Only to live moments that have not been,
Moments that may not be but to someone it hardly matters,
Because few things felt from the heart can never be explained!

Peace . . . 

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