Sunday, August 14, 2011


Peanut butter, a boon to mankind according to me. Tastes amazing when teamed up with a few other things. So well, I tried coming up with a few recipes of my own (copyright TM). I'm not a big foodie but I love to experiment with food and create weird combinations(some taste good, and let's not talk about the others :P). I love good food, I think everyone does! Experimenting with peanut butter has been an amazing experience simply because I never expected the product to taste anywhere close to good(worth eating would be apt perhaps) but somehow it always did(not that I'm a great cook, I'm decent though :P). So, here are 3 dishes I've shared with a few of my friends, Just thought more people deserved to know. There is no limitation as to how much of what to put so the recipe can retain the mark of your own originality..

So well, starting with the PBCNB sandwich(veg)

To make this, take brown bread, toast it slightly, apply normal butter on one slice and peanut butter(crunchy) on the other, take chocolate syrup and put it in any random way in between and close it. It tastes like the chocolate snickers  and is pretty good if you believe me. Worth a try, and by now hopefully you have figured out why the sandwich is so called, if you still don't get it, lookup the ingredients.

Next is the Peanut Butter Kebab Egg Sandwich(non veg)

This might sound bizarre, actually even is. When I made this, I stared at the sandwich for a good minute or two but it actually tasted really good. So anyway, make an omelette(normal or even scrambled egg will do), heat chicken kebab(you get them in the market), toast the bread slightly, place the omelette on one slice, put some sauce on it, cover it with another slice. Place kebabs on the first floor of the sandwich, with some more sauce. On the last slice, apply Peanut butter and seal the sandwich. The sandwich had a good blend of all the ingredients and tasted amazing. For a veg substitute sandwich here, you may try veg kebab and mayonnaise but how that would taste is anybody's guess :P( let me know if you try it though)

Last but not the least, the Hide and seek  jam sandwich(veg)

There was a time I associated Hide and seek with the game(childhood games sure were amazing) but of late, the chocolate chip cookie is all that comes to mind. This sandwich is preferably for lazy people like me who do not want the elaborate hassle of heating the bread(quite elaborate indeed :P). So you can just take the bread out of the fridge, cold as it is, apply jam on one slice, peanut butter on the other, put crumbs of hide and seek inside and seal the sandwich. Tastes good. 20 mins for college with the availability of jam, cold bread, our superstar peanut butter and a broken hide n seek biscuit lead to the invention of this sandwich.

So my friends, you can all try these dishes out and let me know how much you liked or hated them. Feedback is always important! Keep munching.

. . . . Peace!


Niharika said...

Peanut! :P

Sahil K said...

I had almost forgotten you called me that :P.. yes dear, peanut!

shravya said...

nice! im definitely trying itself! :) :)

Sahil Kaul said...

Hehe.. let me know how you liked them too :P