Monday, June 27, 2011


Supporting the cause of child labour awareness, a small way of letting my thoughts out!! Hope to help the cause!! Maybe not the best piece of writing but a small effort nevertheless!! :)

What's life like for a royal child?
Servants attending, all wishes come true!
The child comes to this world with a silver spoon,
Life is beautiful with complaints hardly few!

Go down the ladder to a normal lad,
The child leads an existence, ordinary yet joyful!
The extravagance is spared for all we know,
And the unfulfilled wishes may be plentiful.

But ever imagined life of a poor little child?
Living with the most minimum of resources.
There are hardly any wishes that might come true!
Lonely and alone, he fights life's cruel and wretched forces!

The child himself earns the meagre meal he eats,
Sweating out every ounce of his ability!
Yet the child is discarded and shown the door,
And labelled openly a cheap liability!

What may I ask is the fault of that unlucky child?
Who works to survive each and every day!
Abused, exploited and cheaply treated,
when children like us live life the easy way!

What would the child grow up to be?
A misfit in society fighting social regressions!
What values would he be able to give his kids?
While hiding in the past of his own reflections!

So is it fair, the ordeal the child is inevitably putting himself through?
Is it fair that he's made to face situations?
The treatment given is clearly unjustified,
The child clearly needs awareness and affection!

Does this child really have to suffer this way?
In the state of this disgraceful strife ?
We can help that child and we have to,
The child deserves another chance, to affection, to education, to a far better life!



Abha said...

I found this one of your best, Sahil! "Prose-ier", unlike your other poems, it still has a clear and vibrant flow of thoughts...

Sahil K said...

Thanks for noticing u know, I just went with the flow as I wrote this one, din't really intend to make it on a prose format as such!! And it took some real effort to get it into the flow! Thanks a lot Abha! :)

rohitd923 said...

wonderful, absolutely brilliant !! Sahil Kaul take a bow man!! You have touched every minute region of my heart with this poem ! ERADICATE CHILD LABOUR,Leave the kids alone !!!

Sahil K said...

Thanks Rohit :).. Very strong views there and I totally support u with them.. Child labour should be stopped ASAP.. Its just ruining the future of a country like ours!!