Saturday, June 4, 2011


Let's  go through an incident:

A song is playing in my ears. I love the song, I close my eyes, my hands start playing imaginary chords, I might look like a madman to somebody looking at me from a distance but it hardly matters to me, meanwhile I picture myself on the lead guitar playing the guitar part of the song on a huge stage in a massive arena surrounded by tons of people, some of them even shouting my name!

The atmosphere is electric with people head banging their heads off, rock horns are in the air and a wave of musical bliss sweeps the arena. The drummer and the bass guitarist jam in tandem and lay the most amazing foundation  to the song. I come forward to give a solo on my guitar and the crowd applauds with a loud roar. The crowd is crazy now, cheering every beat of the drum, every note of the guitar and every word that comes out of the vocalist's mouth. The song is nearing its end now, the crowd is in a frenzy. The vocalist, bass guitarist and I come forward, take a huge leap in the air and come down hard stroking the final note to perfection.. Simply brilliant. The crowd loves us, the crowd loves me. And as the song ends finally, I open my eyes and come back to reality.

A strange distant dream perhaps, a dream I have lived day in day out in my thoughts when I listen to a few selective songs. I love music and everything about it. I love in particular the six-stringed instrument, the guitar and the heavenly sound that it produces. There are six strings E,A,D,G,B,E(I remember it by the phrase Eat All Day, Get Big Early), there are different sounds associated to the six strings, there are innumerable notes, chords and scales. The musical notes that look like hanging people sometimes involving minims, crotchets and some terms I've almost forgotten! Honestly, I was always fascinated by the guitar and the way people played it on stage, the music it produced and the feeling someone might get playing it! So well, I went ahead and got my own guitar, an acoustic one. 

Honestly, I've had very little time to learn it till now and whatever free time I've had, I've found something else to do. So the learning process is still going on. I haven't learnt considerable stuff to actually play on stage, nor have I practiced that much but I'm still looking for a time I can finally learn how to play it well and somehow give a performance on stage. I'm trying hard to fight this schedule of mine to make it possible. I may be doing Engineering but this is a passion I would love to pursue! I have started learning through videos in a dvd that my friends gifted me just recently on my birthday.

So what is it about music that most appeals to people? Is it the mere mixing of different instrumental sounds that makes a melody or is it something more divine than that? For me, music is something that appeals to the soul. Something that sets you free, and the best part is that you are hardly aware of the transition. Music breaks boundaries, brings people together. The sound of melody and the lyrics of a song need not be understood as it appeals to the heart and not to the mind alone. To sum up I'd like to add a few lines written on one of my T-Shirt which go like this:
"The greatest musicians in the world play not for fame, money or show but for the chance to connect with the spiritual divine" and this is what I aspire to do. Hope I succeed, the road to the musical dream has begun. Hope I get there one day with a crazy hair do, rock in my heart and guitar in my hand!!

-Peace . . . . . . .


shravya said...

that is amazing Sahil, I dint know you were nursing such a passionate musical dream...I really hope to see you perform some day and I bet you are good!

Abha said...

All the best, Sahil! Feels like you are really going to work passionately towards your dream, so no one can stop you from achieving what you want and deserve... :)

Sahil K said...

@Shravya-Hehe.. Yes I will definitely try and I don't play so well now but I'm improving :) Thanku :)
@Abha-yup thanks a lot, I'll work alright, and yeah lets see how far this dream goes. so actually I can be an engineer who writes and plays guitar superawesome that'll be :P

rohitd923 said...

Bro u totally echoed ma feelings in the article, every time i listen , i too do those hypothetical plucking of the strings and yeah i get a lot of jaw droppings for that! Sometimes i wish i can do nothing apart from learning the guitar but sadly i m doing my engineering!!!!

\m/ 4 eva :D

Sahil K said...

Seriously dude, lot of ppl I know share a similar feeling. I mean its like the song takes u to another world for a few moments and u hover around there and then brings u back to reality!! Amazing feeling though.. needs to be converted to reality! I hope I will!!

\m/ for life man!! :)