Saturday, April 30, 2011


The eyes are wet and the pain oozes out,
Speaks of the thousand unfulfilled instinctive moments.

The bubble of expectations has burst out in vain,
With the hopes out, nothing resides within.

A resounding thinker remains lonely,
To reflect on the unending thoughts that constantly resonate.

The thoughts inflicted with a constant flinching,
Of something withdrawn and withheld, unfair and unjust.

Why did destiny choose me is the far cry,
What made me deserve this despite devout benediction?

Its time I retaliate the rumblings of this distorted soul,
And torch my feelings out despite the repressive yet blissful ignorance.

So hold my trembling hand and take me high,
Let me off from the farthest sky.

Let me fall precariously in the vast emptiness you see,
Touch my soul, ignite my spirit and liberate me..


Abha said...

Awesome way of expressing! A truly deep and touching poem... Keep it up!

Sahil K said...

Hey.. thanks Abha :) and yeah.. lot of deep emotions inside went into this

Alok Jaiswal said...

Indeed! Touched a lot of emotions. most importantly pain! The feelings so perfectly described that you connect to it in the first line itself when you go "The eyes are wet and the pain oozes out,
I found a touch of my situation in it !
And the words which ask "Why did destiny choose me?"
An amazing poem! A lot of emotions from a rather very practical person!
Need somebody to take us away from this dark cloud!
Yes, you gotta say, Liberate Me!

Sahil Kaul said...

Thought you felt most of the lines that is why suggested you to read it!