Friday, March 11, 2011


What seeps within the deep reaches of my inside?
A question lurking to bother? A truth hiding to hurt?

Why is it that the mind tends to overthink?
Abt things that hardly need a care than being vividly overanalysed

But There's a deep voice that calls out from within,
Reaching out for someone to listen.

It has noone it can confide in,
And tell the things it has withheld inside with pain.

The voice of utter desperation,of rage, of profound insanity!
Yet sometimes of a contradictory and mystique calm wisdom.

It longs for the understanding of anyone close,
Yet it dies before even ever being spoken out.

Things stay intact n yet they crack,
Breaking this world in the unseemly eyes.

There are many voices now, the longing is worse than ever,
But its so hard to drain this scared and apprehensive heart.

Will these voices ever come out?
Or forever stay inside making me weaker and stronger at the same time.

So now, looking into the deep dark abyss of my mind,
Was it only a voice I heard? What else will I find?



Abha said...

Sahil, I think your progress trajectory as a poet is REALLY very impressive. This is one of your best creations - thoughtful and creative in the truest sense of the terms...

Sahil K said...

Thankyou so much Abha.. :) Really encouraging coming from you!