Saturday, February 5, 2011


I remember the last time I saw you, you were resting on the bed blessing me and wishing me a happy journey to Hyd.. Now 2 weeks later, I still can't believe you've left us all, that my grandmom is not with me anymore.. It feels unreal..

I recall those sweet times in my childhood when you totally loved me and adored me..
I remember you giving me 1 rupee for pop corn everyday..
I remember being bitten by a bee on my finger when you adviced me not to play with the bees and then you helping me remove the sting as I sobbed cutely..
I remember going to the park and finding lockets of gods and godesses and gladly handing them over to you..
I remember you making Tahar on my bdays and making me sit in puja when I always ran away.
I miss Shreya and I teaching you English words and alphabets which you had forgotten over the years..
I remember your chair next to the fridge and you watching Aastha and Sanskar channel all day long whenever you came to Hyderabad..
I remember your famous "kela khau?" dialogue
to Ayush which made us all laugh a long while.
I remember seeing you smile and happy and showering your endless blessings on our thread ceremony just recently..
I remember just so many things but they just flash me by!

Over the years after I had come to Hyd, we had grown apart but the shock and loss is unimaginable even to me. I still in my heart feel that when I come to Delhi, I'll see you resting on that bed, so glad to see your grandson come all the way from Hyd.. It saddens me that I'll never see you again.. You have left an unoccupiable void in our lives.. And though no longer with us, we have to live with the sad fact of never being able to see you again..You were the eldest in the family and I wish your soul rests in peace and is smiling down upon us and showering us with your blessings from your heavenly abode.. So with an empty heart and a silent tear, I miss you Dadi..


shravya said...

Sahil, I'm really sorry for your loss, I just want you to remember that
'To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die.'

Sahil K said...

Thanku.. and well said!!