Saturday, January 1, 2011


A dark poem..Slightly Depressing.. before anyone draws conclusions about the origin of the character, the character is purely fictious and a creature of my imagination although Maybe the character has taken shape from the depth of my character and my previous disappointments. the most draining and serious poem I've done till date. Enjoy reading it!!

The sun shines through the window,it spills brightness
Illuminates the interiors with vibrance

The room is alive now shimmering with playfulness
Yet something holds everything back

The sun confers the winds to blow
Yet something holds its ablazing radiance

She's sad, her heart aches with pain
Nothing can outweigh her solemn tearfulness

Her face seems old with countless worries within
Yet so frail that the delicate finesse still prevails

She looks around the room with no respite
Yet nothing seems comforting to her

Her relentless hands undergo frantic twitches
Something unexplained goes on swirling inside her

Her cause for misery seems unjustifiable and unknown
She remains an undisclosed mystery ever

The vibrance of the room doesn't appeal to her,
It kills her, makes her world all the more miserable

So while the sun blares down its utter magnificience
She lies in her subdued world of darkness, good lord, what an irony..


Abha said...

WOW!! You have done a great job! Expressing thoughts through poetry is no mean task but you have done it really beautifully...

Sahil K said...

Thanks a lot Abha :).. A comment from such a profilic and aware writer like u means a lot :)

Sushmita said...

Worth a read! :)

Sahil Kaul said...

Thanks Sushmita :)