Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"Boulevard of broken dreams" is a song almost everyone is familiar with. Its from the band green day. This song rings a bell in my mind, an alarm of sorts.. The guitaring of the song is amazing, the vocals are magical and the lyrics impeccable but the meaning is astounding.. Its obviously more than just music and lyrics. The first line itself has so much to say "I walk a lonely road, the only one that i have ever known", we come in this world, we are raised in a loving family, but we still walk our own separate paths. The world is too busy and full of itself to ever notice or care abt us! We walk down a long road, long maybe not in length, but long because the experiences and incidents make it so! 

We may suffer a series of emotions as we go along, sweet victories, bitter defeats, accidents, sufferings, heartbreak. But its life, it has to go on. We cry, laugh,enjoy, detest, even plan our lives. We hope for the best, we have unlimited wants and fantasies but most of them are short lived either by setbacks or we are left with no time or resources to carry them on. Since childhood, we are surrounded by ppl. Some love us, some hate us, some care for us, some are jealous but these ppl won't stay with us forever. Ppl may enter your life, become important and before you know it, the may be out of your life or you may simply lose touch! Friends will always be there.. They will make the journey a pleasant experience but even these friends won't stay forever. Some will forget us, we will forget some, some may get busy with their lives, some may leave us in anger, we may leave some in anger but some may stay throughout but even then all the decisions of your life are yours alone, noone takes them for you. 

The pain that you feel is yours, noone can be where you are or see things from your eyes and you can't hold someone responsible for the way your life has shaped up because they were always your decisions and it was you who took them. I particularly don't know the motive of writing this but it justifies one fact, that ppl may come and ppl may go, our life goes on but there is a part of us only we know. The part that we talk to, with whom we take our decisions,the part who really knows what we are, call it the subconscious but its only company is us and its lonely, will remain so walking through this life within us and thinking to itself that "I WALK A LONELY ROAD!"


Anonymous said...

absolutely true...! n far more practical... :) well written!!

Sahil K said...

Thanks Suyash!

shravya said...

there is a big world out there....but if we look within there is an even bigger world....we walk alone and it is this very fact that makes life all the more mysterious yet simple. Loved the post Sahil. Very insightful

Sahil K said...

Thanku shravi :)

Alekhya Adipudi said...

Thanks for sharing your insights on this post, you definitely captured the feelings this song provokes. I happen to love some of Green Day's songs and am especially partial to Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). That is another really meaningful song of theirs.